Text Marketing for Bars & Night Clubs: Tools, Tips and More

By Scott Conlon

      Oct 15, 2016     Solutions    

When it comes to bars and night clubs, marketing and promotions have drastically changed over the years. Gone are the days of printed flyers, street teams on college campuses, or posters on bathroom stalls.  

People now spend more time on their phones than on any other medium. Whether it's a student in a classroom, an office associate, or a labor worker, they all have one thing in common -- they have a cell phone they are constantly checking.

Studies have shown that people look at their phones an average of 100 times a day! Millennials check even more often.

So, you are a bar or night club owner and you are thinking to yourself, how can I get more customers to the bar? Well now it is so much easier with Text Marketing!

What Is Text Marketing?

You have probably done email marketing at some point right? Well, think of it as very similar but through text messages. You have likely sent a text message to someone inviting them to go out at night or to go to your bar.  

Now, do that 3,000 times in just a few minutes.

That is what text marketing is at it's basic form. The power to send a message directly to people's phones enticing them to patronize your business.

How Should My Bar Use Text Marketing?

It first starts with building a list of people opting into your text marketing service, what is referred to as your text database. You cannot just import all your friends numbers and start sending out mass messages as that would be illegal.  

There are rules around Text Marketing and if you follow them, it will be very effective in marketing your bar or nightclub.  

There are a few ways to build up your text database; here are just a few:

  • Put a "Join our VIP Text Club" on your website
  • Collect signups at the door when people are arriving to the bar
  • Run contests on social media to give away tickets or prizes
  • Sponsor events and festivals and entice people to join your program
  • Send out email blasts converting those subscribers to your text club

While you are building your database, plan to have different offers and messages that you can send out. These should be either demand drivers such as "20% off your tab if you show this text" or a hype message like "Watch the game tonight on our 40+ big screen tvs!"

Come up with a good standard for what to include and the format to use for the messages. We have a couple methods we know that work that we can share with you.

Send messages at the right time because most people do get their message within five minutes of it going out where email sometimes could take a day or more before someone opens their email.

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What makes MyArea Network better than other Text Marketing programs?

We know, there are a ton of options out there now when it comes to text marketing services, but MyArea Network has unique advantages.

We built our company from the hospitality industry and specialize in marketing for bars and night clubs. We also have our technology built into other systems like Facebook and Instagram.

All this while also having some of the lowest prices in the industry. That's because we do far more than just Text Marketing for bars and nightclubs. Photo Promotions, Social Media Marketing and Event Marketing are just a few of the other marketing solutions we provide.

So if you are ready to give Text Marketing a try, contact us to see how we can make your first campaign a successful one.