Digital Marketing

Results Driven

Whether on a Desktop/Laptop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, connecting with your audience through digital marketing has never been more effective than now. Track, Monitor and Optimize marketing campaigns in real time. Increase campaigns where you see the biggest results.

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Generate Quality Leads
  • Engage with More Customers
  • Acquire Customers Nearby

Photo Promotions

Impress Your Audience

Utilize high quality professional photos to market your business, event or brand. Our network of local area photographers cover a wide range of photo promotional services including events, fashion, nightlife, retail, health & fitness, entertainment and more.

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Generate Quality Leads
  • Engage with More Customers
  • Acquire Customers Nearby

Event Marketing

Increase Attendance & Activate Sponsors

Activate your brand and business through live events. MyArea Network's event marketing solutions serve for both the events and the sponsors through activation. Everything from online and offline marketing campaigns to increase ticket sales to full creation, planning and execution of events and festivals.

  • Sell Tickets
  • Increase Sponsorships
  • Engage with Event Attendees
  • Re-market for Future Events

Social Media

Engage with Customers

The platform that provides one on one marketing and a channel for you to get your message across to current customers, active Social Media marketing campaigns will increase customer engagement and decrease customer retention. Turn your current customers into repeat customers through engaged communication across multiple Social Media platforms.

  • Improve Reach on Social Media
  • 1-on-1 with Current Customers
  • Communicate in Real-Time
  • Turn Customers into Repeat Customers

Display Advertising

Highly Targeted Brand Marketing

The opportunity to highly target display advertising (i.e. web banner ads and digital signage) by geolocation, gender, interests and customer behaviors allows businesses to build a brand that is “Top of Mind” regardless of the company’s size. Scalable budgets of any size can reach current and new customers through targeted display advertising.

  • Geo-Target for Nearby Customers
  • Target People with Specific Interests
  • Optimize Campaigns through Real Time Analytics
  • Increase Brand Awareness in Your Industry

Content Marketing

Educate Your Customers

Articles, photos, video, info graphics, reviews, testimonials and case studies. Businesses in all industries should implement a content marketing strategy to increase reach and appeal to more customers. Content educates potential customers about a business products and services and accentuates the business through visual elements such as quality photos and video.

  • Get Your Message Heard and Seen
  • Tell Your Story through Content
  • Increase Credibility with Potential Customers
  • Improve Re-targeting with a Variety of Content

Email Marketing

Reach Customers Directly

Email remains the go-to form of communication in the Business world and with the increase in users accessing email on mobile devices, email can be an effective channel and form of mobile marketing.

  • Reach Large Audiences
  • Run Specials and Offers to Drive Sales
  • Optimize Email Campaigns with Improved Analytics
  • Schedule and Automate Marketing Campaigns

SMS Text Marketing

Turn Customers into Loyal Customers

The fastest and most instantaneous way to reach customers is through text marketing as the text messages are delivered directly into their hands on their mobile phones. Text Marketing can serve both informative messages or demand drivers such as time sensitive deals and coupons.

  • Reach Customers Quickly
  • Send Offers to Drive Customers Back to Stores
  • Use Customer Data to Improve Retargeting Campaigns
  • Build Loyal Customers with Direct Communication
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