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Local businesses are the backbone of every great community -- so MyArea Network has made it our business to give regional and small businesses the tools they need to launch and grow successful, recognizable local brands.

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Our Mission

Local businesses give a city a unique culture, support economic growth, and create a bond between residents and their community.
Our mission is to support local businesses so they can bring these benefits to local communities. We do that by helping brands:

  • Use data to understand their local community and make sense of a fragmented digital world.
  • Leverage local media and location-based marketing to reach more nearby customers.
  • Access scalable digital solutions that grow alongside their business.

We love local. We understand local. We are local.


Our History

Our story starts with a crab cake. Our founder Scott Conlon was in Maryland trying to find the best place to enjoy the city's most iconic food. But, he struggled to find a resource to tell him where to go.

Since a platform of stories about local businesses written by local residents didn't exist -- Scott built his own.

He created the first Local Area Site,, which evolved into more than 75 other sites and now, a platform of resources and solutions for helping local businesses reach more residents and visitors.

Our Platform


Local Area Sites

Locals find the best things to do, see, and eat in their area on our 75+ city guide sites assigned to each US zip code.



Local businesses and regional brands simplify the way they market their business using our suite of marketing tools.

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