MyArea Network is passionate about connecting people to the businesses, places, and things to do in their local communities while creating a valuable way for those businesses to engage with people both online and in real world experiences.

About Us:

MyArea Network is a digital media company operating in more than 75 markets across the United States. Through our online platform, we provide local content, advertising, and promotions on entertainment, dining, events, business services, and community activities that drive user involvement and engagement. It is a source for our #### of members and visitors to engage with businesses both online and offline in their local area.

We connect both large and small businesses with our loyal users by offering an an array of marketing solutions. We create targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage users who are eager to learn about the best local businesses in their area. By connecting businesses with this targeted audience, we provide a unique opportunity to attract and retain new customers.

Our Unique Difference

MyArea Network has created an online platform that connects users with the best local things to see, eat, and do in their area. We connect businesses with our (number) loyal users through an array of multi-channel marketing services including Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Text Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Event Promotions and Co-Marketing with other local businesses.

We create brand campaigns and provide the tools for local businesses to enhance and optimize their marketing efforts. By utilizing our technology to combine online and offline campaigns, businesses are able to attract and retain new customers, run more effective campaigns, create a better relationship with the community, and capture a larger ROI than through traditional advertising.

Our Technology:

MyArea Network has developed a Business Dashboard that provides key statistics, marketing tracking, and insights for our customers. It combines internal reporting with 3rd party statistics across multiple channels including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. The Dashboard allows a business to either self service or pay for managed services to measure their reach and impact from these channels.

Building a strong brand requires identifying opportunity, building relationships and establishing market leadership.

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