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We’re a fast-growing media tech company that builds stronger, more influential and unique communities by connecting local residents, visitors, and businesses.

We’re rapidly expanding into more local communities across the country, and we need a team of innovative, forward-thinkers to help us!

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We’re looking for people with the right talent -- and the right mindset to join our team. Are you the right fit?

  • Are you passionate about helping local communities and businesses thrive?
  • Are you excited about shaping the future of local, social, and mobile marketing?
  • Are you a team player who wants to join a community of passionate innovators and creators?

If so -- let us know! View our open positions and see how you can join our team.

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Why Work at MyArea Network?

Opportunities for Fast Growth

Continuous Training & Learning

Creative & Fun Work Environment

MyArea Loves Interns!

We’re always looking for eager, outgoing interns to join our team. Our interns get awesome benefits!

We’re rapidly expanding into more local communities across the country, and we need a team of innovative, forward-thinkers to help us!

  • Work with our seasoned staff to learn about all aspects of digital marketing.
  • Attend fun and exciting local events.
  • Write articles and get professional bylines.
  • Network with local business owners and thoughts leaders.
  • Have a good time while learning and earning college credit!

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“Thank you so much for the opportunity to intern in your department of MyArea Network this semester. Little did I know when I accepted the internship that I would be welcomed into a wonderful, zany, close-knit family. I couldn't have picked a better place to get my feet wet before jumping into the workforce.”

Leah Foreman
Marketing Intern

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Frequently asked questions


Absolutely!  We have a growing contributor program in which people can share stories and listicles about their area.  We want local stories being told by local voices in these communities.  Check out the locations page that shows all the currently local area sites.  Not all of them are currently active, so if you want to write in an area that is not currently open, let us know.
Businesses and communities need technology solutions and community connections more than ever.  MyArea Network is committed to bring our local community and marketing platform to as many businesses as possible.  This means we are expanding quickly geographically and with various industries.  So we plan to be hiring for various positions, so even if you do not see a job opening that fits you now, keep checking back for more.
We are headquartered in Tampa, FL and with the COVID pandemic, we have decided that our offices will be optional and encourage our team members to work remotely.

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