How to Launch the Best Text Message Marketing Campaigns

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Dec 3, 2020  /  Solutions |

Text marketing is a great way to stay in touch with customers. Texts almost instantly reach audiences by putting messages in the place where audiences are most likely to see it. Consider that the average text message is opened within three minutes of being sent.

But, simply sending a text message doesn't mean you will be successful at text marketing.

You need to have strategic text message marketing campaigns to get real results.

The Best Text Message Marketing Campaigns

If you are using text marketing but aren’t sure what type of messages to send, here are some of the best text message marketing campaigns you can try.  

Consider how you can use each of these text message marketing campaigns to both generate new leads and engage your existing audience.

Run a contest.

A contest is a great tool for text marketing lead generation. Create a grand prize that is awarded to one winner and a secondary prize that is awarded to all entrants, and encourage customers to sign up for the context via text. We’ve seen great results for our clients who combine social media ads and text marketing to create a social media contest.

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Send sale reminders.

Customers love opportunities to save money. They are often interested in receiving notifications that alert and remind them about upcoming sales. If your business is running a sale or offering special discounts or offerings, let your audience know via text. Include details about the sale and consider adding promo codes to the text that are redeemable in the store to track the effectiveness of your message.

Share deals and offers.

Another way to play into a customer’s love for deals is regularly sharing discount codes and special offers with your text audience. Coupon advertising is an effective way to drive interest in your business and encourage customers to make a purchase they may have not otherwise made.  

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Offer pre-order opportunities.

If you have a new and exciting product or service coming out, let your text audience know about it first through a text message marketing campaign. Send them the details about your new offering and give them an opportunity to pre-order it or set up an exclusive early appointment. Customers love to feel like a VIP, and you can make them feel special by offering them early access to new products and services.

Send appointment reminders with upsell messaging.

Service-based businesses that assign appointment times for customers can benefit from the operational use of text message marketing. Businesses like a hair salon or auto shop can remind customers about their appointments via text. This message also creates an up-sell opportunity. In the message, you can include a message about upgrading or adding on another service to remind customers about their appointment while also increasing revenue.

Send event information and CTAs for spreading the word.

Text messages can also serve as reminders for events. In the weeks leading up to an event, you can send attendees important details about the event (such as hours, check-in information, rules, etc.). When you text attendees about the event, you can also include call-to-actions to get them to invite their friends and spread the word about the event (by including discounts for ticket purchases or incentives for bringing a friend).  

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Share important business updates.

There are essential details about your business that customers need to know in order to plan their visit to your location or buy from you. These details include your address, website URL, phone number, and hours. If you make any changes to these details, you can alert customers via a text message marketing campaign.

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Boost the Effectiveness of Your Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Now that you have some ideas about the best text message marketing campaigns, let's look at how you can make each more effective.  

Get permission. Rule one of text marketing: never send a text to a customer without their permission. Use a text marketing software that sets up your database to ensure that each person is added with the right permissions.  

Make your text messages feel exclusive. Customers don’t love to sign up for marketing lists. But, they do love to feel like they are a part of an exclusive club. Position your text marketing list as an “insider’s club” or “VIP list” to encourage people to sign up and stay on your list.

Be conscience to frequencyCustomer opt-in messages should provide clarity for how often they will be sent text messages. An example is, May receive up to 8msgs/mo. Excessive text messages may displease customers so be sure to limit the amount of messages sent from your organization or business.

Respond in real-time. Remember that text messages go both ways. Don’t get so hung up on sending messages that you forget about replies. Set up a system for managing messages that come back as a response to your initial message and create a line of two-way communication.  

Have a clear call-to-action. If you want your customers to act based on your text message marketing campaign, you need to tell them what you want them to do. Include a clear call-to-action in each of your messages. Visit your store. Visit your website. Click to buy. Click to share with a friend. Use clear messaging that drives readers to act.  

Adjust your strategies based on data. It will be difficult to identify the best text message marketing campaign if you aren’t tracking data that shows the results of your work. Track data about open rates, times sent, days sent, type of message, etc. and analyze your results to see which message performed best. Optimize future campaigns by tweaking them to match the traits of your more successful text message marketing campaigns.  

Launch Your First Text Message Marketing Campaign

Text message campaigns are a powerful way to get important information in front of your customers. But, your message will only work if it is something that customers want to see. Use these best text message marketing campaign ideas to create compelling messages for your audience that will drive them to act.  

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