Google Tells Us What People Want to 'Know Before They Go' to Your Business

By Raubi Perilli

      Nov 15, 2018     Solutions    

Google recently shared insights that explain how customers use search engines to learn about businesses and locations before they visit them. In many ways, customers already know where they are going to go -- but they still need to know what to expect.

Check out these three insights on what customers need to know before they go and how you can provide the information they need.

1. Customers Want to Know Their Product Options Before They Arrive

Google found a 55% increase in searches for menus over the past two years. These customers know the restaurant or food type they want, but also want to review the menu to pick out items before they arrive.

Why is this significant? People look forward to their future experiences when they learn more about them. The information you provide creates a sense of excitement for the meal ahead (or product or service they are choosing) and elicits more positive feelings about your brand.

Key Takeaway: Share information about your brand across multiple platforms and business directory profiles, like Facebook, MyArea Network, and Google so people can easily find the information they need. 

2. Customers Want to Know What to Expect in the Environment

There are multiple things that customers want to know before they go to your location. How is parking? Is the location kid-friendly? What are the average wait-times?

In fact, Google noticed a 120% increase in wait-time searches in the past two years. This additional information gives customers confidence when they arrive at your business to know what they can expect. Lower risk levels mean happier customers.  

Key Takeaway: Look for common queries related to your business and industry and build a FAQ on your website or create content addressing these concerns.

3. Customers Want to Know How to Stretch Their Budgets

Mobile searches for “do you tip in…” related phrases increased 70% over the past two years. Google sees that people search for great deals, affordable options, and advice to save when they’re planning things.

These small steps help people know their budget before they go.  

Key Takeaway: Offer discounts for customers who check-in or for first-time customers to your business. You could convert customers who are on the fence with the promise of a good deal.

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Give Your Customers the Info They Want and Need

The more customers know before they go, the less risk they take choosing your brand. Win over more customers and give them confidence by providing the right information through your website development and social media channels.

Talk to MyArea Network digital experts today to make sure your digital presence has all of the information that customers are looking for before they visit your business.