How Local Realtors Can Build Their Brand in Their Community

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Jul 11, 2019  /  Solutions |

For many real estate professionals, their name is their business. They develop leads from the people they know personally and from the recommendations of professional connections. However, this can be hard for local Realtors® who move to a new area. Suddenly they have to start from scratch and completely rebuild their brand and community. 

If this sounds like something you are going through, you are not alone.

Follow these 15 steps to build your name and get recognized in your community. 

#1) Host Neighbor Events

If you want to support the community, then you need to be part of it. People are always wary of neighbors or friends who only ask for things and never give anything back. Joining your community is actually pretty easy. Consider hosting events in your home or neighborhood to bring people together. This can be a fun Sunday potluck or a summer movie night in the park. Soon people will start to look forward to your events and spending time with you. 

#2) Join the Neighborhood Association

For a more formal way to get involved in the community, join the local neighborhood or homeowner’s association. This proves that you are invested in the homes in the area and want the community to be at its best. You are there to help everyone improve together. 

#3) Write for a Local Blog or Newsletter

Check out your local blogs, newspaper, or neighborhood newsletters to see if you can write a regular column. Use the space to talk about home prices in the area (should residents wait to sell?) and home decor trends that are popular. Even if you don’t always talk about real estate topics, this is a great way to get your name out there. 

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#4) Regularly Post Valuable Information for Followers

Along with writing for the local media outlets, put your social media channels to use. Whether you use your personal account for lead generation or have dedicated professional accounts, you can share insights into home buying in the area, post about school news, and let people know about local events. You want people to turn to you for the latest local updates. 

#5) Share Content from Local Channels Online

You don’t always have to come up with creative ideas. Follow local blogs, news sites, and community members (like the mayor) and share their posts with your followers. This gives you content marketing ideas without leaving you burnt out. 

#6) Start a Newsletter

As you start creating content, put it to double-use. Post content on other blogs and social media, then promote the content through a newsletter that you send to your contacts and interested prospective clients.

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#7) Research Local Hashtags and Accounts to Tag

Quality beats quantity when it comes to social media. It is better to post effectively with the right tags than to post frequently but reach no one. Do your research and see what people tag in the area. A few carefully picked tags can significantly expand your reach while growing your engagement levels.  

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#8) Look for Networking Groups to Join

Many cities have networking groups, but it is important to find ones that meet your needs. Look for networking meetups within your neighborhood, where you can stand out and shine. Also consider finding groups of people who you otherwise wouldn’t socialize with so you can make new connections and drum up potential clients. 

#9) Develop a List of Professional Contacts

Your recommendation list is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal as a local Realtor®. Your clients will ask for landscapers, HVAC repair professionals, school tutors, job recruiters, and furniture donation centers. If you can support your community with these recommendations, then more people are likely to support you by sending clients your way.  

#10) Become a Part of the Chamber of Commerce

In most cities, it only costs a few hundred dollars (if that) to join the local chamber of commerce. If you use your membership to its fullest extent, you can gain access to exclusive events, meetups, and professional training that will help you grow. 

#11) Work Out of a Coworking Space

Many local Realtors® work from home. While this is convenient, you don’t meet anyone new other than your pets. Find a coworking space where you can have a desk and work with other people throughout the day. You can build up your professional connections and potential clients at the same time.  

#12) Sponsor Events in the Community

If you are able to monetary support your community, consider giving to your local youth sports team, non-profit, community events, or fundraiser. You can get in front of hundreds (or thousands) of names and have your brand recognized as a valuable asset in the neighborhood.  

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#13) Offer Real Estate Insight to Local Media

Along with writing in local publications, make yourself available to local media for interviews related to real estate and other home issues in the area. Many media outlets (like the local evening news provider) like having reliable sources who they can turn to. The next time there is a story about housing or home sales, they might call you for a quote. 

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#14) Present Training on Basic Real Estate Principles

For many people, the basics of real estate seem confusing and overwhelming. Most people don’t know what closing costs are or what goes into buying a “fixer-upper.” As an expert, you can lead the discussion and help people better prepare to start the real estate process. You can check out a room at the local library community center and offer classes to learn about real estate. 

#15) Ask Clients to Review and Recommend Your Business

When you do make a sale, ask people to recommend you. Offer concrete ways that your clients can boost your brand. They can write a review online, recommend your business on Facebook, or simply keep your name in mind for when their friends want to buy. Once you get your word-of-mouth promotion wheel going, you can enjoy a steady stream of leads from happy customers. 

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