Social Media Posting Tips Your Local Business Needs to Embrace Today

By Raubi Perilli

      May 16, 2019     Solutions    

Social media is an essential part of our culture -- and business world.

Almost 90% of brands say they are active on social media with an average of four social media accounts. This means that there are millions of comments, photos, shares, and videos posted from brands every day.  

Your business needs to stand out above all of them if you want to catch the attention of customers.  

Yet, many companies find themselves in a social media posting rut. They try to get noticed and connect with people, but can’t. This is especially true for local brands who don't have millions of followers like massive national brands.

But, local brands can stand out on social media.

They can do it by using strategies that target the people most likely to do business with them -- people in their communities.

Here are 10 social media posting tips to help your local business stand out, as well as some examples of how brands around the Tampa area are using social media to catch the attention of local customers.

#1) Do Your Hashtag Keyword Research

Some brands just post whatever hashtags come to mind, without looking at the types of posts or following that those tags have. The next time you post on Instagram, do a little research first. Social Media Examiner curated a list of tools you can use to find what works for you. The right hashtags can make a big difference in your social media posting.

#2) Look for Local, Niche Hashtags

As you do your keyword research, look for hashtags that have a big impact but also give you space to stand out. For example, #beer has 61 million tags on Instagram, but #TampaBeer only has 8,000. Plus, someone following the #TampaBeer tag is much more likely to live in the area and come to your Tampa-based brewery and turn into a customer. Look for ways to be a big fish in a small pond if you want to get noticed.  

#3) Create a Brand People Want to Follow

This might seem like an obvious tip, but some brands are better at it than others. Look at the Instagram profile for Mittens, a brewery cat who lives at the Tampa-based brewery, 81Bay Brewing. 81Bay has their own brewery Instagram account, but they also created one for their cat. Mittens is adorable, always exploring the brewery, and generally annoyed when she’s not getting attention. 81Bay even had a whole weekend of promotions for her birthday. This account is fun and has personality, which makes people want to see what 81Bay is brewing and what kind of bar they run.

#4) Post About Events and Trends in Your Community

If you want your business to be loved by the community, then you need to be part of the community. Stay current on local events and craft posts that share the details or fun of those upcoming festivals and special occasions. People want to see that your account is fun and interesting before they follow it. Give them a reason to follow. Only then can you start selling them on your brand.  

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#5) Expand Your Hashtags to Reach New Audiences

Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again. While you can maintain some consistency, such as using a city hashtag like #Tampa or neighborhood hashtag like #SeminoleHeights, to let people know where you are, look for new opportunities to reach people who otherwise might not know about your brand. If you keep hitting the exact same hashtags, you will stall when trying to find new people to reach.

#6) Tag Your Location When Relevant

Location tags are a fun and easy way to get found. If you are posting on Facebook or Instagram, tag your location. Sometimes you can tag your exact business, but look for other ways to let people know where you are. For example, many businesses in St. Petersburg check in to the Grand Central District or Edge District. This helps the companies reach a wider audience and most people have an immediate idea of where the brand is located. 

#7) Exchange Posts With Other Brands

If you have a partnership with brands in the area, talk to them about a post exchange to reach local customers. For example, if you operate a restaurant that works with a smaller, newer brewery in the area, ask them to promote your brand on their page in exchange for a promotion on yours. You both can talk about how great their beer tastes with your food. Suddenly, all of their fans are exposed to your brand and vice versa.

#8) Put Your Brand Hashtag to Work

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have their own hashtags. For example, Mermaid Tavern in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa uses the tag #MermaidTavernTampa for its posts. However, it’s not enough to just have a hashtag, you need to put it to use. Consider hosting a contest using your brand hashtag to see who can upload the best photo or add the best comment to a post. There are dozens of social media contest ideas you can choose from. You can also share photo promotions that use your brand tag on your own pages, giving your fans and shout out and thank-you for their appreciation. You want people to know about your brand tag and use it often.

#9) Listen and Reply to Others

Are you listening and engaging with others in your community, or are you just broadcasting your brand message to anyone who will hear? Social media is about joining a conversation, which requires back-and-forth. There are dozens of accounts you can follow and comment on: local national sports teams, the mayor’s office, local news personalities, and neighborhood organizations in your area. This is a great way to get your brand in front of new audiences while building relationships with your comments.  

#10) Try New Things and Evaluate the Results

The secret to social media posting is that there is no secret to social media posting. People and brands are always trying to break the rules and try new things. If you’re in a rut and can’t reach new fans, try something new. Push your boundaries and evaluate your results. That’s the best way to grow.  

Promote Your Business with Local Social Media Posting

If you have tried these local social media posting tips and find that you still can’t break into your local social media community, give us a call. Our team at My Area Network is happy to review your social accounts and offer advice to improve.

It’s time to give life to your social media presence and make it work for your local business!