Social Media Content Ideas: What to Share On Your Brand Pages

By Raubi Perilli

      Apr 26, 2018     Solutions    

There’s more competition than ever on social media, which means brands need social media content ideas that stand out.

If they can’t make a splash and start a discussion, then their content will get ignored. Here are 12 content ideas for your social media pages to boost engagement and grow your online presence.

Product Updates

Social media is a tool for discussion, which means you can share product updates and new opportunities with customers and start discussions around your brand. For example, you could host a Facebook Live update to announce a new product or share photos of a new service you offer.

Customer Success Stories

The best social media channels tell stories with their content. They humanize their brand and their customers. You can do the same thing. Tell the story of a customer success story, whether you’re a gym boasting about someone’s weight loss journey or a B2B agency discussing a client’s growth. 

Employee Bios

While you’re telling stories, considering putting the spotlight on your employees and sharing their backgrounds. This works from a B2C or B2B standpoint. You can talk about their goals and personal lives, or focus on their experience and qualifications. These posts humanize your brand and the people who work for it.  

Customer Questions and Concerns

Treat your small business social media channels like a FAQ page and answer questions that customers come to you with. You can answer simple questions about scheduling appointments or more complex queries about your production processes. You might save your customer care team some stress by answering questions online before customers call in.  

Local Business News

You don’t just have to share news related to your brand. Consider posting updates about important business news in your area that could affect your customers or your business. For example, if the city is starting construction on the roads around your area, post about how long it will affect traffic patterns and share alternate routes people can take.

Entertaining Videos

Your customers turn to social media to be entertained, which is why animal videos have taken over the web. You don’t have to share feline updates, but consider having fun with your video content. You can either share fun videos and GIFs related to your industry or create your own videos showing the light side of your brand identity. This makes your social media content ideas inviting and engaging.

Nonprofit Opportunities

Customers increasingly look to local businesses to support nonprofits in the area. If your business helps a local nonprofit, post about and share what you’re doing. You can also share other events to raise awareness for important causes. For example, a local beach bar might post updates about beach clean-ups or fundraisers to support marine conservation. The nonprofits are relevant to the brand and provide valuable content to its followers.  

Local Events

Along with non-profit opportunities, post about local events that your customers can go to. These don’t necessarily have to be linked to your brand, as your goal is to become a hub for engaging local news. These events can include major local festivals or fun weekend activities for families.  

Behind the Scenes Peeks

You can humanize your brand in just a few posts by showing how your company works. Share photos of your team creating products for customers or working to develop a plan for a client. Walk followers through the back-end of your business to see what working at your company is like. Local breweries are great at this, and often give brewery tours to boast about their processes. You can either behind the scenes photos or go live with video content and answer questions along the way.

Social Media Content

Holiday Celebrations

Brands across the web have had success celebrating relevant holidays. Dunkin Donuts celebrates #NationalDonutDay and animal shelters across the country post about #HugYourPetDay day. There’s almost always something to celebrate, the goal is to make it relevant to your brand. Check out some upcoming holidays and see if they could give your social media content ideas. It could be as simple and inviting customers to visit your business for a drink on #NationalWineDay.   

Competitions and Contests

If you’re trying to boost engagement, then run contests and competitions on your social channels. These can be simple caption contests on photos you share, or in-depth competitions that bring customers to your store. People love the idea of winning stuff and are willing to engage with your brand in order to do so.

Important Updates and Information

While your social media channels are important marketing tools, they are also valuable communication channels. If your business is closed because of a holiday or hurricane, post updates online. Any major news should be posted on your social channels as soon as possible.

Diversify Your Social Media Content Ideas

This list of social media content ideas is long and varied for a reason: different types of content keep your page interesting and keeps people coming back. While some followers might tune into every video, others will skip over them in favor of photos or links to relevant content. You never want to get into a rut where you keep posting the same thing every day.  

Similarly, you also want to diversify your sources. A common problem brands make is only sharing links to their website and only sharing images that their team created. Step out of the box and share content from your followers and from other pages across the web. Their unique points of view will keep your content fresh and give fans reasons to stay subscribed to your social pages.  

If you’re looking to boost your social media efforts with improved content sharing, but don’t know where to start, call My Area Network today. We can set up a free consultation to review your channels and learn what you’re doing right, where you can improve, and how you can hit a home run to wow your audiences.