13 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas That Actually Work

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Apr 2, 2019  /  Solutions |

Real estate professionals are usually extremely busy. When they’re not running around negotiating bids and working with property appraisers, they’re showing homes, preparing for open houses, and providing staging tips. Not only do real estate agents need to give everything they have to their clients, they also need to constantly scout for potential leads and other people to work with.  

Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to get your name out there and grow your business, whether you have a marketing budget of $10 or several thousand.

Check out these lucky 13 ways to generate real estate leads.

1.) Tap Into Local Business Directory Listings

When it comes to generating real estate leads, you want people to find you across the internet. This means expanding your marketing reach from Facebook and Google to make sure people can find you on Bing, Zillow, and local business directory profiles like MyArea Network. The more people see you, the likelier they are to remember your name and trust your brand for their real estate needs. Create Your FREE Business Profile on MyArea Nework.

2.) Provide Value in Your Social Media Channels

No one wants to follow a social media channel that constantly asks for recommendations and leads. While you want to grow your leads, you will have more luck on social media if you provide value. Offer your insight into the local housing market or share your favorite staging tips. If you provide value, people will want to follow you and share your updates even if they’re not currently in the market for a house.

3.) Educate and Inform Potential Buyers

While you want to provide valuable content on your social media channels, you can also educate and inform the public in real life. You can provide advice for first-time buyers on your blog or host seminars on staging and open houses at your local community center. These educational presentations position you as an expert in the field and someone whose potential leads can trust. Plus, you get a new batch of leads with every seminar or workshop!

4.) Form Partnerships With Others In Your Community

Think about the stages of life that people go through. They might need to sell a house after a divorce or buy a house shortly after getting married. Having connections with people in the community like divorce attorneys or wedding planners can help you grow real estate leads from their client bases. You can send clients their way and they can return the favor.  

5.) Invest in a Website SEO Strategy

Did you know that 78% of real estate searches start with a search engine? The vast majority of people turn to Google before any other source of information. If you want real estate leads, you need to be found through search. Invest in SEO efforts to get your name out there and increase your business website search rankings.

6.) Request Recommendations and Reviews

Word of mouth recommendations and online customer reviews are two of the most trusted forms of marketing. Ask happy customers to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and other sources of real estate leads so you can stand out as a top performer in your market.

7.) Connect With People in Your Neighborhood

The people who live around you are a top source for real estate leads. As a neighbor, you know what the homes in the area are worth. It’s also in your best interest to get them a high price to keep your own home value up. Connect with your neighbors through community pages on MyArea Network or at community events so you’re the first person they consider for their real estate needs.

8.) Develop a Referral System With Other Real Estate Agents

Not every real estate listing is for you. A home might be out of state or in a market that you don’t cover. Network with other real estate agents and send them referrals when the listing isn’t in your niche. Soon they might start sending people your way to pick up listings that work for you.

9.) Show Off Your Results on Pinterest

The average Pinterest user is a woman age 18-49 who has more than $75,000 in household income. This sounds like the average home buyer. Share beautiful photo promotions of potential homes and landmarks in your area to pique the interest of local home buyers and people who are moving to the area. You might be surprised how many people reach out to you because of your pinning skills!

10.) Use Retargeting to Bring People Back

While many of these marketing efforts are meant to help you generate new leads, you can also use retargeting to win back old ones. Retargeting uses display advertising and other sponsored content to advertise to people who have already visited your website or social pages. These are people who have already shown interest in your brand, so why not use this strategy to move them deeper into the sales funnel?

11.) Sponsor Community Teams and Organizations

One of the best ways to connect with your community is to get involved! Sponsor a local high-school team or non-profit fundraiser. People will start to recognize your name and will appreciate your efforts to support their causes.

12.) Become a Regular Contributor to Local Media

Another great way to get in front of hundreds of people in your area is to work with local media. Contribute to a weekly or monthly housing segment for a local newspaper or TV station or respond to questions about the housing market when reporters reach out for information. You can use this process to grow your profile and build trust in the community.

13.) Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

There is no single marketing strategy that will drive real estate leads for your business. You will likely work with three, six, or even nine of these tactics to drive leads to your brand. By testing different options and seeing what works for your business, you can keep a steady stream of leads flowing in, keeping your real estate business flourishing.

Start Generating More Real Estate Leads

If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, contact MyArea Network and request a free consultation. We are happy to review your current marketing strategies and come up with additional ways to drive traffic and potential leads to your website and social media pages.