9 Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns Your Business Can Launch

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Nov 27, 2019  /  Solutions |

You're ready to do email marketing. You have a list of customers and interested prospects. You have products and services to promote. You know the benefits of email, and you have set up an email marketing platform to manage your contacts and email campaigns.  

But, you don’t know where to start.  

If this is you, you aren’t alone. A lot of small-to-midsize business owners struggle with taking the first leap to using email effectively. They send an email here and there without a strategy and don’t get the results they want.   

So to help you start using email effectively, we’ve put together this list of nine email marketing campaigns.

Use this list (and quick email marketing tips) to learn your options when it comes to email so you can identify and launch campaigns that will work best for your brand, audience, and goals. 

Quick Email Marketing Tips 

Before you write a single email (let alone create plans for an entire email marketing campaign), keep these important things in mind.   

  • Know your audience. Create buyer personas and clearly identify the audience you are trying to reach. 
  • Consider segmenting your list. Decide if you need to segment your list to reach a more specific and defined audience. 
  • Know your goals. Define what you would like to see happen as a result of each email and campaign. 
  • Define the call-to-action. Know what you want the reader to do and include clear messaging that tells them how to take action. 
  • Leverage drip campaigns. Consider if you would like to send a series of emails instead of one email to achieve your goal.  
  • Monitor and test. Track open and click-through rates and review your results to find patterns and trends in your email marketing campaigns. 

Now that you have these best practices in mind, let's look at how you can put them into action.

9 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns 

As you put together your email marketing plans, think about these nine campaigns and decide which will be most likely to help you reach your goals and support your current digital marketing strategies

#1) Newsletter

A newsletter is the most basic and fundamental email campaign. It is a regular email sent on a consistent schedule. The email typically looks and feels the same each delivery. Its purpose is to help you stay at the top-of-mind of your customers and interested prospects. While some segmenting may be involved, newsletters are often sent to every person on your list. 

#2) Promotional Email

A promotional email is sent with the intention to highlight a specific product, service, or promotion. The goal is to drive your audience to buy, claim an offer, or otherwise take steps toward working with or buying from you. These emails are usually sent around a schedule of promotions or seasonal campaigns. 

#3) Announcement Email

An announcement email is a one-time email that you send out to tell your customers or audience something exciting or newsworthy about your brand or industry. The email campaign might share details about changes to your business, products, or services.

#4) Welcome Email Series

A welcome series is an automated drip campaign that welcomes new subscribers. A welcome series is triggered as soon as someone signs up for your list. It welcomes new subscribers, introduces them to what they can expect from your emails, and may share your most important content. You can create different welcome sequences based on how a person joins your list (for example, one for someone who signs up for your newsletter and one for someone who recently made a purchase and gave you their email address). 

#5) Trigger Email Series

A welcome email series is a type of trigger email series. A trigger email series is a sequence of emails that starts when a user takes a specific action. You can use trigger email series in many ways. You can define an action (such as downloading an ebook or watching a specific video) and trigger:

  • Sales drip campaigns that promote and sell a specific product or service.
  • Educational drip series that educates audiences about a topic related to the trigger. 
  • Explainer drip series that shows a user how to use a product or service.

#6) Cart Abandonment Email

A cart abandonment email is sent to someone who has visited an e-commerce site, placed an item in their digital shopping cart, but failed to follow through and purchase it. Cart abandonment emails are an opportunity to bring someone back to your store and encourage them to make the purchase by including a discount or information to help them decide to buy. 

#7) Post-Purchase Email 

A post-purchase email is sent to customers once they buy something. It could be sent if a customer buys online or in your physical store. This email provides details that can help customers with their new product or service. It may also ask for feedback from the customer about their purchase experience.

#8) Process Email

A process email is any automated email that your customers receive when they take an action that you need to notify them about. This could be a receipt or a notification about a change to their online account. Consider how you can use these emails to share something extra with your audience. Share the process details and then see how you can include a link to your latest blog post or promotion for your upcoming campaigns. 

#9) Re-Engagement Email

As an email list grows, it will begin to hold subscribers that are no longer interested in your brand, products, or services. An uninterested audience doesn’t open your emails or click on or engage with your email content. A re-engagement email is one last chance to connect with this audience. You can give them a reason to stick around or give them an option to opt-out if they are no longer interested. (There's no reason to keep emailing customers that are no longer interested in working with you.)

Launch Better Email Marketing Campaigns 

Now, you're ready to get started with email marketing. You know what type of email marketing campaigns you can use to engage and sell to your audience and you have best practices to guide you.   

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