Use this Local Marketing Platform & Why You Need It

By Scott Conlon

      Feb 19, 2022     Solutions    

There are several marketing tools and resources available.  There are countless "point" solutions like text marketing platorms, email marketing platforms, social media tools and analytics tools.  Point solutions, being they solve one primary purpose or use case.

When it comes to local marketing, location based or store marketing, you need a powerful platform.  One that provides what you need all-in-one solution.

What is the Best Local Marketing Platform?

mySuite is the best local marketing platform for businesses that want to connect with customers both online and offline.  The marketing platform brings together marketing data from various other solutions and combines them with sales data to help determine the best ROI for your business.

Why do I need to use a Local Marketing Platform?

The main reason you need a powerful local marketing platform is to save you time, help you capitalize on real-time opportunities and find out where you get the best ROI.  Local marketing is not just about lead generation and conversion.  Local marketing is about top-of-mind and brand awareness.  It's about increasing customer frequency, enhancing the customer experience and connecting with customers in-store or offline.

A local marketing platform will help bring everything together and give you important insights into your business.

What are the Benefits of a Local Marketing Platform? 

Local marketing is becoming more challenging as your customers continue to be fragmented across different online media channels.  Some your customers may spend more time on Facebook while others may spend more time on TikTok.  You need an easy way to find and connect with your customers and potential customers.

1. Connect with nearby target audiences with ease.

2. Unlock powerful data about your local market.

3. Manage mutli-location businesses across multiple local markets from one platform.

4. Increase your marketing ROI by drilling down to your very specific local targets.

5. Optimize your marketing overtime.

How much do Local Marketing Platforms Cost?

Most Software as a Service (SaaS) plaforms charge by the number of users (seats) that have access to the platform or the amount of usage (number of messages sent, emails stored, etc). 

The mySuite, local marketing platform is free to use by any business.  The more services you connect or use, the more the platform will cost.  For example, if you want to premier your business and connect analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and your Facebook Business Profile, it only costs $59 per month.  You can then add on text marketing, email marketing and geofencing advertising solutions all within the marketing platform.

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Get Started with mySuite Today!

It is easy to get started with mySuite, best local marketing platform for your business.

  1. Visit mySuite by MyArea Network
  2. Find and Claim or Add Your Business if it doesn't yet exist
  3. Edit all your business information and create a full business profile
  4. Connect your Google Analtyics, Facebook Page, Google Search Console and more
  5. Add solutions like Text Marketing and create an engaging contest
  6. Add high ROI advertising solutions like Geofencing
  7. Read the business guides on best practices for local marketing
  8. Want more help? Get a local marketing specialist to help along the way!

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Who Can Help me with Local Marketing?

If this is all overwhelming for you or you need some help with your local marketing, no need to fret!  Marketing in the 21st century is more complicated than ever because we live in a digitally fragmented world.  You are not alone!

Contact us anytime as we are here to help businesses succeed with local marketing using the most powerful and best local marketing platform!