12 Nightclub and Bar Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using But Aren't

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Sep 12, 2018  /  Solutions |

Marketing is an essential part of running a bar, lounge, nightclub, or brewery. You need a constant flow of new traffic to mix with your returning customers and loyal fans.

With a little creativity, there are dozens of ways you can get the word out about your new place.

Check out these 12 ideas for marketing your bar to bring more people through your doors.  

12 Bar Marketing Ideas To Try Now

1) Build a text marketing list where you update fans on upcoming events and share exclusive coupons to bring your most loyal customers back for more.

2) Get involved in the community so you can promote your bar and serve drinks at fundraisers, festivals, local celebrations, and other events with large groups of people from the area.

3) Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your bar, drinks, and even staff to share on social media and across the web. These photo promotions create a unified branded presence across all channels.

4) Boost your posts on social media channels with a Facebook ad strategy so your pictures and events reach more people.

5) Create a customer loyalty program with exclusive offers, including special discounts, unique drink options, and early access to events.

6) Develop profiles on business directory websites so customers can check your hours, visit your website, and learn more about your brand.

7) Share your events on local community calendars to bring people out who are looking for something to do. (Remember to post it on your local Area Site!)

8) Invite local bloggers for a special influencer marketing tasting of your seasonal drinks or new menu items. You can hold these tasting events a few times per year and even offer them as a VIP treat for your top customers.

9) Develop partnerships with local bands, food trucks, and non-profits to fill your entertainment calendar and bring new people out.

10) Encourage customer reviews, check-ins, and online comments to reach new people through word of mouth advertising.

11) Offer to rent out one of your rooms (or even your whole bar) as an event space and form partnerships with local catering companies so you can host business events, non-profit fundraisers, and even personal events like birthdays and weddings.

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