Your Brand MUST Be on Business Directory Websites -- This Is Why

By Scott Conlon

      Feb 28, 2018     Solutions    

Your website is the clearest representation of your brand on the Internet. You dedicate time to optimize it and improve its content, hoping customers will hear what you have to say and convert.

However, there are dozens of other pages across the web that people use to learn about brands (including yours) and make purchasing decisions. If you ignore these, then you’re isolating audiences who could buy from you without ever visiting your website.

Your brand needs to create profiles on business directory websites to connect with customers and drive sales. If not, you’re missing a significant chunk of your consumer market and limiting your business.

Here’s why directory sites boost your local business marketing and make your website even more valuable.

Business Directory Websites Boost Your SEO

One of the main reasons small business owners utilize directory listings is for the easy SEO.

If their brand is in five or 10 different directories, it has five to 10 different mentions and links back to their main pages. Links back to your website give your site authority which helps improve your search rankings. 

However, choosing exactly where your brand should go and where your business needs to be represented can be a challenge for companies with limited resources. According to Moz, there’s a complete process to determine which business directory websites your brand should be on.

Consider creating a list of websites to invest in based on:

  • Directories that are already ranking for your business
  • Directories your competitors already rank for
  • Directories that show up for your top keywords
  • Directories in mobile search   

While some businesses might target two or three directories that they’re familiar with, thinking their behavior reflects their customers’ behavior, there could be several other websites they should be optimizing for. By conducting in-depth research on what’s out there and where people search, brands can create a comprehensive list of directories and business profiles to keep updated.

Business Directory Websites

MyArea Network sites are an ideal place for restaurants, bars, night clubs, and businesses to create directory profiles in their community. Click here to find your area.

Directories & Review Sites Drive Sales

Along with providing SEO value, there are real business opportunities for brands that make their presence known on business directory websites.

A recent consumer survey by Nielsen found review sites drive higher conversions than search and social media.

  • For example, at least 92% of adults make a purchase on Yelp at least sometimes after reading reviews. Not only are these conversion rates high, they’re also fast.
  • More than 40% of customers make a purchase within a day after visiting Yelp, and almost 80% make a purchase within a week of viewing a listing.   

These sites are easier for consumers because they're able to compare products and services next to each other. From menus to photos of the location to business hours, customers can make their decisions objectively based on what is best for their needs. It’s the role of businesses to make their listings as appealing as possible to help customers choose them over other brands or websites.  

Customer Reviews & Opinions Boost Credibility

Business directory websites provide objective, third-party opinions about your brand that customers can follow. If your brand is listed on these pages, then it likely actually exists and provides valuable services. Additionally, customer reviews can validate whether your brand is a wise choice to work with or should be avoided at all costs.

  • For example, 84% of customers trust online reviews when they make purchasing decisions.
  • Almost 75% of customers say positive reviews make them trust a brand more, while only 60% of reviews make customers question the quality of a business.

These statistics provide great news for companies expanding their presence on directory websites.

Your credibility will increase simply because you have a strong presence on these pages, and customers are more likely to be swayed by good news than by bad.

Don’t let the fear of negative feedback prevent the exposure and sales that come from these pages. There’s an immense opportunity that comes with business directory listings.     

Business Directory Review Websites

MyArea Network profile pages allow guests and customers to provide reviews about your business. Add your company page today.

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An Updated Business Directory Page Presents an Engaged Brand

The benefits of investing in business directory pages certainly outweigh the costs, but brands would be wise to fully understand the time and necessary investment of business directory listings before they start posting on them.

For a directory page to be valuable, brands need to update hours and photos on a regular basis, share seasonal deals to entice customers, and update copy to reflect your brand and any changes.

If your business is listed on directories that include customer reviews, then you also need to set aside time to read these reviews and respond to them. More customers expect this level of service and some even turn to review sites to contact a brand instead of the website. Most experts recommend setting aside an hour or two per week minimum to manage your directory accounts. You should also read new reviews daily to see if there’s anything that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you plan to “set and forget” your business directory profile, then you won’t reap the benefits of these active directories. There’s a vibrant community of people who are ready to use directories to find businesses like yours, and you need to be ready for them when they come looking. 

Look for Business Directory Websites That Can Grow Your Brand

As you go through the process of determining which websites are best for your brand strategy and where you want your name featured, look for companies that will grow your business and help you expand within their pages.

For example, MyArea Network​ helps brands create content for their customers and promote their businesses through SEO and digital marketing. This builds up your brand through our marketing solutions while providing more value to your customers who use our site to learn about you. This is what sets us apart from other listing sites that expect you to figure it out on your own.

If you’re concerned with how your business is perceived online and want to use business directory websites to grow your web exposure, contact MyArea Network today for a free consultation. We can come up with a marketing plan to help your brand and boost your business through directory website engagement.