Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website

By Holly Hargett

      Mar 21, 2017     Solutions    

Got a new business but not sure if you really need to invest in a website? Offer a service and not a product, so you aren’t convinced you really need a website?

Think again.

There are a lot of ways to go about marketing your business, but most savvy professionals agree having an internet presence is key. It’s an internet world, and you need to be represented on the same platform.

Most importantly, it’ll probably be one of the first questions someone asks after first meeting, what’s your web address? It will be the face of your company, the door to your business and where customers will make their first impression; and often, decide in minutes, if they’d like to do business with you.

Every business must have a website because it provides a variety of benefits. 

Credibility & Visibility 

Having a website will give you credibility. It’s 24-hour access to potential buyers. Even if you anticipate getting a lot of business from networking and personal connections, someone will still want to check out your website. They’ll want to do their research.

Additional Exposure 

An internet presence will add business value to your company. While there are some businesses that operate with brochures and other printed material, you’ll have more reach with a website; and if you include your web address on your brochure, you’ve doubled your exposure.

Unlimited Digital Marketing Potential 

A web page will help you with your digital marketing efforts by showcasing new products or services. You can let an image gallery tell the story of your business and update it with special event pictures. Use your site as a tool; integrate social media and video/photos to share on your website, or add a blog. It’s your 24-hour a day billboard!

Better Communication with Customers 

Being able to direct someone to your site will save you time and improve customer service. If you have to field calls every day and explain what you offer, you won’t have time to actually run your business. Customers today want to do their research before committing. By having access to your site, you’ll make it easy for them.

Allows You To Create a Brand Voice 

Having your own website will give you a voice and a way to continually promote your message. You can use your site to write an article and post it. You will have control of the message and how your customers perceive you and that's the best reason why your business needs a website.

It's difficult to establish a business without a website. So if you're just getting started and haven't launched your web presence yet, contact us today. MyArea Network offers full website development solutions. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 


It's also not enough to just have a website. For tips on what to do after you launch, check out our guide Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Website? Probably Not.