Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

By Scott Conlon

      Jan 22, 2017     Solutions    

The continued growth of digital commerce and how people use the web and apps to find information, purchase products, book travel and schedule services calls for a marketing strategy utilizing a "Digital First" approach.

Businesses connect with consumers through multiple digital channels, whether it's search, apps, email, text, social or video, all touch points that can be tracked and analyzed to improve your marketing strategy.

One of the most powerful tools in the industry of data analytics and reporting is Google Analytics. Unless your business needs an enterprise solution from Google, this product is free. That's right, 99% of the businesses that likely use Google Analytics are using a free version of the software.

So how can you use Google Analytics to improve your marketing strategy?

First, it starts by understanding the power of Google Analytics and how you can use the tool beyond just sourcing the traffic on your website. Most people implement Google Analytics by installing a snippet of code on their website which they monitor every so often to see how their traffic has been growing. In some cases, they discover it is shrinking.

If you do not have a fundamental understanding of Google Analytics, then you likely are missing the opportunity when it comes to digital marketing for your business. Did you know Google has free training through their Google Analytics Academy?

Once you have an understanding of how powerful Google Analytics can be with the correct implementation, you need to map out all the touch points you have with your consumers, especially those that drive traffic to your website or mobile apps.  Create a structure for tracking sources such as email marketing campaigns, text marketing campaigns, social posts and ad network campaigns. You can even import and plot TV and Radio campaign flights against website traffic.  Here are details on how to Import Data into Google Analytics.

Your analysis can only be as good as the data that goes into your reporting.  So spend a good amount of time to really get the implementation down right. Be sure to add conversion and goal tracking such as someone making a transaction, completing a lead form or scheduling an appointment.

After you have everything setup properly (if you already have historical data, that's even better), then dig deep into the analytics.

Common questions you might want to consider:

  • What sources drive the most traffic to the website?
  • What sources of traffic provide quality (i.e. long time on site, high conversions, low bounce rate)?
  • What is the demographic of people visiting the website?

After doing a full review of analytics and understanding your website traffic, you need to review your overall marketing strategy to see where you can use Google Analytics to make better decisions going forward. In most businesses, the end goal is to drive more sales and profits. Whether you are selling products online, operating restaurants or selling services, you can use your website to bring in new customers and grow a fan base of returning customers.

Some ways to use Google Analytics to drive more customers:

  • If your business gets a lot of traffic from organic search (unpaid search traffic), then you may be able to implement an improved Search Engine Optimization plan into your overall marketing strategy to drive up search traffic by 15%.
  • If Social Media has higher conversions than search or display ads, then you may incorporate content development into your marketing strategy to create even more quality social traffic through social sharing of your content.
  • If the majority of online transactions are occurring at night, you may want to adjust your Display Network ad campaigns to deliver only during evening hours.

This is only the beginning with a few examples. Your overall strategy should be fluid and allow for changes as you optimize but one thing should be constant, your focus needs to be "Digital First." Use Google Analytics and other powerful tools to improve your marketing strategy.

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