9 Local Marketing Tools Your Business Needs to Start Using Today

By Raubi Perilli

      Feb 19, 2022     Solutions    

You may have the power to reach people around the world with digital marketing, but today’s marketing efforts are hyperlocal. Small business owners want to reach the people who are most likely to do business with them -- the people who live nearby.

Thankfully, there are tools and tactics designed to hone in your digital marketing efforts so you can focus on local customers. Check out these nine local marketing tools you can use to connect with people in your area.

#1) Google Business Profile

The first way to tap into local marketing is using Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business. This platform offers a variety of local marketing tools to make your business visible on Google. The search giant will mail you a postcard or have a auto dialed call to confirm your business exists and that you in fact work or manage the business.  Once you have claimed the business, you can add other admins to your Google Business Profile.

You can then update your hours, answer questions, thank reviewers, share photos, and generally make sure your brand is found by local customers. This is a great step to improve your Local SEO.  

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#2) Yoast SEO Plugin

Another way to boost your local marketing through SEO is to target specific keywords related to your region. For example, searches with terms “near me” or “can I buy” have skyrocketed more than 500% in the past few years, according to Google. People are using their phones to search for phrases like “lawyer near me” or “coffee shop in Tulsa” to get local results.

Start identifying the local search terms that will be most likely to attract your target audience, and then use the Yoast SEO plugin to help you optimize pages and posts on your site for local target keywords.

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#3) Hashtagify

Along with knowing your regional keywords, check out a few local hashtags that people in your area use. For example, St. Petersburg, Florida can easily get confused with its Russian counterpart. As a result, many locals use the shorted #StPete or #DTSP (downtown St. Petersburg) in posts. There are even colloquial hashtags like #Ilovetheburg or #loveFL for a statewide tag.

Knowing these hashtags can have a big impact on your engagement rates and allow you to reach local audiences easily. To find the best hashtag to use, research them on Hashtagify.me

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#4) Nextdoor

Nextdoor has become an increasingly popular social network in the past few years. As of May 2019, the company reported that more than 236,000 neighborhoods globally used its service. In a world where people connect socially across the globe, Nextdoor wanted to create something hyperlocal. You can only join in your neighborhood in order to connect with people around you.  

Nextdoor is primarily used by people, not brands, but you can explore this social media option for your marketing efforts. You can reach out to neighbors when you are hiring or ask for help with various projects. You can also respond to calls for help from others. This solidifies your name as an important part of the community.  

#5) MyArea Network

Look no further than MyArea Network for one of your top local marketing platforms. MyArea Network has a presence in communities based on area code. It works to promote local brands through business profiles. You can tailor your profile to your goals and attract customers from around your area.

MyArea Network also offers digital tools and solutions designed to help restaurants, retailers, hotels, attractions, service providers, and local businesses directly connect with the customers that live in their community. Sign up today to create your free profile.

#6) Local Facebook and Reddit Groups 

Facebook has been going out of its way to promote its groups this year. Groups are closed or private which means members need to be approved by administrators, along with the content. This is a change from pages, where almost anyone could like or follow a brand page. If you’re not in a few local groups related to your area, then your missing out.   

A similar platform to promote your brand locally is Reddit. You can join local subreddits and talk about issues or ask for help from members. Make sure you carefully read the rules for these groups and subreddits. Direct promotion might not be allowed. 

#7) Google and Facebook Ads

Outside of organic social media promotion, you can grow your brand with targeted ads. Most social media and search-based ads (like Facebook and Google Ads) allow you to target specific counties, cities, and even zip codes. On some platforms, you can literally draw the lines for the area you want to reach using geofencing.

This is a great way for you to invest in paid ads without blowing out your budget. Run a few small tests to reach new customers and see how people respond. 

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#8) Meetup

If you host events related to your local business, then post about them in Meetup. Meetup is an app where people can come together and complete activities over shared interests or needs. You can start a Meetup group and post events for your business, or get involved in Meetup groups to promote your brand.

For example, you can join networking Meetup groups to attend events near you, or you can reach out to these event hosts and offer to have the event at your location to introduce their members to your restaurant, bar, or event space.  

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#9) Regional Calendars and Local News

One of the most powerful local business marketing tools is still the local news. Regional papers and local TV are great ways to reach thousands of people in your area. While digital marketing is incredibly important and valuable, local media still plays a role in our daily lives. Look for ways for your events to get featured on local news and calendars.

You can also look for online apps featuring local events and run by your nearby publications. These pages tend to have a large following that you can tap into with your content.  

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Local marketing tools have become more important than ever. So as you put together your local store marketing strategies, make sure you're focusing on attracting the most valuable customers of all -- the people right around your business.

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