How PDQ Got 39X More Local Brand Awareness For Dozens of Their Locations

By Raubi Perilli

      Jul 29, 2021     Solutions    

Trying to stand out in a sea of local businesses can be a challenge. Customers have a lot of options, and you need to get them to notice you to choose you. At MyArea Network, we love helping local businesses find the right way to cut through the noise and get in front of the customers most likely to visit their business. 

And, that’s what we did while working with the fast-casual restaurant chain, PDQ.  

Let’s look at how MyArea Network worked with PDQ to help them increase brand awareness in 16 markets and get 39X more customers to notice their brand.

Challenge: Simultaneously Build Local Brand Awareness for 49 Locations

PDQ is a quickly-growing fast-casual restaurant chain dedicated to delivering high-quality chicken dishes to customers throughout the United States. We partnered with them to see how we could help them get more exposure for 49 of their locations across 16 markets.  

With so many options already available to customers, PDQ needed to find a way to break through the noise and get customers to take notice of their brand and promotions. This was challenging given that PDQ has dozens of locations in multiple markets and needed to share promotions that regularly changed.  

PDQ needed a streamlined, simple way to share their weekly promotions with engaged customers living in communities across multiple states.

Solution: Create Bigger Presence on Local Area Sites

PDQ partnered with MyArea Network to leverage their presence on our Local Area Sites. We took over the management of their local business pages in 16 markets, premiered each page, and posted each time PDQ had a new promotion or event, expanding their reach to thousands of customers.  

Here’s how it worked.

#1) Provide Account Management for 49 Local Area Business Pages

To help PDQ reach customers in areas where they had locations, we helped them build and optimize business profiles for 49 locations on our Local Area Sites.  

Local Area Sites are our network of hyperlocal websites organized by area code. Each site, which is a part of our larger local marketing platform, reaches a local community and shares the best things to do, see, and eat in the area.  

Local Area Sites were the perfect platform for helping PDQ gain exposure in 16 of their target markets. They could build brand awareness on sites through business profiles and event listings that would be seen by their local community.  

Since multi-location marketing can be challenging as brands are responsible for managing and updating the presence of dozens of locations, MyArea stepped in to make this process easier for PDQ. We provided full account management for their location pages.  

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#2) Premier Each Local Business Page Across 16 Markets

PDQ wanted to stand out in each area, so we worked with them to ensure that more people were exposed to their brand and messaging. We Premiered each local business page across Local Area Sites.  

Premier Business pages get additional exposure on Local Area Sites by appearing at the top of listing and neighborhood pages. Also, no competitors are ever featured on Premier Business pages, keeping audiences focused on the brand in front of them.  

Premiered Business pages typically get about 7X more brand exposure than regular business pages. In this case, PDQ saw much higher results, getting up to 39X more brand exposure.  

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#3) Post All PDQ Events & Promotions

PDQ has promotions that change weekly. With so many locations, it can be complex and time-consuming to share promotions on every brand page and in every market. MyArea simplified this process by providing managed services and technology solutions that published each promotion to all pages and relevant communities.  

All PDQ had to do was send us their new promotions, and we made sure that nearby locals saw the new offers, events, and deals.  

MyArea Network pushed each promotion to all business profiles and relevant Local Area Pages. The promotions were featured in relevant event listings and neighborhood pages across Local Area Sites where PDQ had locations.

Results: 39X More Local Brand Awareness

Working with MyArea Network, PDQ was able to massively expand their reach to local audiences.

39X More Brand Reach

By releasing new content consistently and promoting their brand through Local Area Sites, PDQ reached thousands of new local customers. They increased their brand impressions by 39X and saw 11X more clicks on their brand page, event listings, and articles than they did before engaging MyArea Network. In one month, they generated more than 146,000 brand impressions.

Low-Cost Promotions

PDQ saw high click-through-rates when new articles, events, and promotions were posted. They saw especially high spikes in impressions and clicks when a new event was posted. The views came at an extremely low cost, coming in as low as just $.04 per click. Compare that to the average cost-per-click on Google Adwords which is $2.32, according to WordStream reports.

Streamlined Multi-Location Marketing

By working with MyArea Network, PDQ no longer needed to manage updates and promotions for 49 of their individual locations. They could sit back and work on other things, knowing that MyArea was handling the distribution of their marketing messages to thousands of engaged locals through 49 business pages in 16 markets across the country.  

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Want More Local Brand Exposure with Less Management?

PDQ leveraged Local Area Sites to maximize their brand exposure and reach thousands of new customers in communities across the country. Would you like to see the same results for your brand?  

MyArea Network works with multi-location brands who want to reach customers in multiple markets as well as single-locations who want to get in front of the customers right around their business.  

Let’s talk about how we can help you create a presence for your business on our Local Area Sites that puts your brand in front of the local customers most likely to visit.