3 Simple, Yet Powerful Examples of Great Local Marketing

By Raubi Perilli

      Oct 24, 2018     Solutions    

Are you looking for new ideas to promote your business? Get inspiration from these examples of great local marketing.

These three brands are succeeding at boosting their brands and attracting new customers by using smart tactics to target local customers

1. Create a Guide for Local Content

Connect with your local audience by providing content they will find useful and interesting. Consider what information will specifically help or engage the customers living around your business, and publish it on your blog or social media platforms. This type of content attracts attention from nearby audiences and helps you build brand exposure and loyalty.   

Oracle Insurance in Tampa has a great example of this. They offer insurance services, so they created on on-site guide about hurricane insurance for Florida residents. It targets local audiences and gives them something useful which helps promote their brand and appeal to nearby customers.  

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2. Run a Contest

Contests are a great way to connect with local customers. Contest marketing builds brand awareness and supports lead generation strategies. You collect a phone number or email address for each customer that enters so you can build your customer contact list and create powerful remarketing campaigns that reconnect with interested audiences. 

See how Q-Zar ran a contest that encouraged interested audiences to sign up by entering their phone number for a chance to win a family fun pack. This strategy helps get their brand in front of local audiences and also helps build their text marketing initiatives as they collect customer contact information they can use for future promotions. 

3. Get Featured Content in Local Publications

Another way to get your name out in your local community is through featured articles in local news outlets, papers, or websites. Local press coverage can reach entirely new local audiences who you have never connected with before.  

There are many examples of brands doing this on 813area.com. We recently curated a list of top vegetarian meals in the Tampa Bay area that highlighted restaurants in the area and introduced them to our audience. A feature like this elevates the status of your brand through an endorsement by a local media outlet.  


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Start Running Better Local Marketing Campaigns

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