You're Using Email Marketing -- But Why Not Text Marketing?

By Raubi Perilli

      Oct 11, 2018     Solutions    

Many businesses already have a vibrant email marketing plan. They feel comfortable sending out e-blasts and working on continually growing their emails lists -- but those same marketers often aren't leveraging text marketing.

Even though text marketing comes with the same, and sometimes even better benefits, than email marketing -- many marketers are still missing out on this powerful way to connect with customers.

If you fit into this category and haven't embraced text marketing tactics for your business, here are some reasons why you might be missing out.

1. Text Marketing Has Extremely High Engagement Rates

Texting isn’t the communication model of the future, it is the communication method of now. Almost all Americans (97%) send text messages every day, making this communication model one of the most popular ways to reach people. Rather than stick with passive marketing models like TV ads, use a marketing strategy that actively engages customers and appeals to them.

2. Text Messages Are Strong Reminders About Events or Promotions

Text message services can boost your existing marketing efforts by reinforcing messages sent on other channels. For example, if a restaurant or nightclub is hosting an event, it can let people know when the last day to save on tickets is through a text marketing blast. Your customers likely already have the event on their calendars, but this reminder sticks with them.

3. Text Marketing Is a Fast Way to Get Customers to Sign Up

It's extremely easy to get customers to sign up for text marketing. Users don't need to be at a computer or type their information into a field on a mobile device. They simply text a word or phrase to a number and opt-in. This ease of sign-up makes it possible to create quick campaigns that get users to quickly opt-in at live events or during their visit to a store or restaurant.

4. Text Marketing Produces Immediate Results

Do you want to know whether or not your campaign worked, like, immediately? The average text message is opened within three minutes of getting sent, with an average response time of 90 seconds.

5. Text Marketing Produces Rich User Data

With text marketing services, you can quickly get data about usage. You can see who opens your texts, who clicks on the link or responds, and the number of codes used. You never have to wait more than a few days (or few hours) to find out what works.  

6. Text Marketing Keeps Your Loyal Customers Close

If a customer doesn’t want to receive your texts, they can opt out of your promotions with one response. This is great news for companies who only want to target the most effective customers. You will always know that your text marketing services are reaching hyper-engaged customers because those who aren’t interested will opt out.  

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Learn More About Text Marketing

So if you're using email marketing but failing to leverage the power of text marketing, you could be missing out.

To learn how to get started with text marketing, contact our team for a free consultation. We'll talk to you about how you can use our tools and software to start working text marketing to be even more effective than your email marketing.