Effectively Using Google Business Profiles for Multi-Location Brands

By Raubi Perilli

      Feb 23, 2022     Solutions    

Managing a multi-location brand online comes with many challenges. You don’t have just one business location to showcase and promote across multiple channels. You have multiple locations in multiple areas to promote across a variety of digital platforms.  

While this can be a challenge, Google has made changes to make it easier to manage a multi-location brand on its platform. Google My Business became Google Business Profile to help multi-location brands better manage their profiles across Google Search and Maps. 

Let’s look at how you can use their new settings to simplify your multi-location marketing.

What Is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is a free business listing that helps your brand show up in Google Search and Google Maps. Your profile includes details about your business such as your address, hours, services, photos, and contact information.

When you have a Google Business profile, your brand may appear as a featured search result or on a map when someone searches for your business or keywords related to your business.  

Previously called Google My Business, Google Business Profile was launched in November 2021 so Google could better serve large multi-location brands.  

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Can You Have Multiple Businesses Under One Google Account?

Yes. Under Google’s Business Profile Manager dashboard, you can manage multiple businesses under one Google account.  

If your brand has multiple locations, it is recommended to house all of your pages under one account. There are benefits to keeping all of your pages under one Google Business Profile account.  

  • You control the admin account for all pages instead of having multiple users with different login information.
  • One brand manager can access all pages if they need to update hours, change key messaging, and add posts and FAQs.
  • You can add users to grant access on a page level. If you have outside marketing support or representatives from each location that need access to specific pages, you can easily add users to only the pages they need to access.

When the right people have easy access to your Google Business Profile pages, it will be easier to execute strategies to boost the effectiveness of your profile. You can add details and content that will boost local SEO, help your brand show up in search and maps, and make your listing more attractive to searchers.  

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Using Google Business Profiles When You Have Multiple Locations

As you set up profiles for each of your locations, use these tips to get the most out of Google Business Profiles.

Add, optimize, and monitor your business information.

The information you add to your Google Business Profiles will help Google better understand where you are located and what you offer. Complete all relevant information in each of your business profiles and regularly monitor the information to make sure it is consistent. Errors or inconsistencies can decrease the rankings of your pages so focus on NAP consistency, updating hours, and keeping information related to your products and services up-to-date.  

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Post content to your Google Business Profile.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Google Business Profiles allow you to post updates and offers that show in a feed on your profile. This is an often overlooked social media channel, and that’s a problem. Posts on Google My Business are a great way to showcase additional information, updates, and offers to audiences searching for a business like you. Make posting to Google Business Profiles a part of your ongoing social media strategy.  

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Set up Order with Google.

Restaurants using Google Business Profiles can leverage Order with Google to allow customers to place food orders directly through Google. Restaurants can sync their ordering providers (such as UberEats, Seamless, etc.) with their Google Business Profiles so customers can easily select their menu items and place their order all through one simple seamless experience. As online ordering continues to grow in popularity, allowing customers to order directly from Google can increase conversions and sales.

Google Business Profiles

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Don’t ignore the customer reviews.

A Google Business Profile acts as a business directory profile as well as a review showcase. Your page will feature star reviews and comments from past customers. Reviews on your Google Business Profile not only build trust with customers, but they also help you show up in search. Keywords used in reviews can help Google know when to show your business in search results. Work on building out a plan that consistently generates new, descriptive reviews from your customers.  

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Unlock insights from your Google Business Profiles.

When multi-location brands use Google Business Profiles, they get the added benefit of collecting business data that can be compared across different locations. With access to all of your business accounts, you can:  

  • Compare stores to identify which locations have a higher online presence and reputation.
  • Group stores by location and average their metrics to compare one market vs. another market.
  • View data on the number of people searching for your business to measure brand lift or impact in a specific market.

To get data from your profiles, download insight reports to extract data such as number of calls, discovery searches, map views, and website activity. See which locations are performing best and which need work.  

Need Help Setting Up Google Business Profiles for a Multi-Location Brand?

Managing the digital profiles of multiple locations under one brand comes with a unique set of challenges. You must manage your brand as a whole while also monitoring and updating unique store marketing channels.  

Use these tips to set up Google Business Profiles for each location. Then, if you need additional tips about how to get the most out of each one of your branded profile assets, talk to MyArea Network.  

We specialize in helping brands with multiple locations optimize their digital presence so they can better reach customers in the specific areas around each unique location. Let’s see how we can help you get more out of your local marketing. Schedule a free mini consultation today.