4 Surefire Ways to Build Local Brand Awareness for Your Law Firm

By Raubi Perilli

      Jul 12, 2021     Solutions    

Local law firm marketing is unlike most other marketing for local businesses.

When you use local marketing for a restaurant, spa, or boutique, you are trying to repeatedly bring in nearby customers monthly or weekly. When you are marketing for a law firm, you are trying to get locals to think of your firm if and when the time comes when they need an attorney.  

People aren’t always looking for an attorney. They only seek to find one when a specific situation arises that causes them to need one. For this reason, local marketing is a little different for law firms. It focuses heavily on brand awareness.  

Law firm marketing doesn’t aim to necessarily drive in immediate clients. Instead, law firm marketing builds lasting awareness and trust so local clients turn to your firm when they need an attorney.

4 Ways to Build Local Brand Awareness for Your Law Firm

Let’s look at a few ways you can promote your law firm, market professional services, and build a lasting impression so locals turn to you in their time of need.  

Here are four ways to build local brand awareness for a law firm.

#1) Create location pages on your website.

First off, it’s important to know that a law practice can engage in local marketing even if the firm has locations in multiple cities or states. Local marketing doesn’t mean your organization only operates in one local area. It means your organization would like to reach people in a specific local area.  

If your practice has multiple locations, you can create local brand awareness for your law firm across multiple regions. The first step in this process is making sure your web presence is relevant to each grouping of local customers. You can do that by creating location pages on your website.  

Location pages are designated pages on your website that promote your organization to the specific city or area you serve. For example, if you have locations across Florida, create stand-alone pages for your Tampa location as well as your Miami and Orlando locations. These pages allow you to use multi-location marketing to promote your law firm to specific areas.  

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#2) Create local content.

Local pages on your website are just one way to use content to tether your business to a local community. Consider the many other ways to use content to connect with your community.

Create content that provides value for local audiences, and leverage existing platforms to put your content in front of people who are nearby.  

  • Create blog posts with content relevant to issues in your local community.
  • Partner with local influencers, and collaborate on content that the influencers promote through their social media accounts.
  • Get press coverage by acting as a local law authority.
  • Write articles for local media outlets like Local Area Sites that have a target audience of people in your area.
  • Use your social media to amplify all of your content, and use local hashtags and location tags to attract nearby audiences.

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#3 Get involved with the local community.

If you want to build a name for your law firm in your local community, you need to be an active member of the community. You can’t sit on the sidelines and expect your community to know and trust you. Make an impression by participating in local events and initiatives.  

Sponsor local events. When you pay to sponsor a local event, you get two benefits. You support the community and as well as get your name in front of your target audience. Look to sponsor local events that attract audiences from your community.  

Volunteer for local community initiatives. In addition to putting your firm name on local events, get involved. Look for ways to donate your time or resources. For example, a business law attorney might join a panel at a local business symposium.  

Host your own event. If you don’t have any events in your community that are a right fit for your participation or promotion, host your own branded event. Host an event to educate the community or share resources. In addition to gaining brand awareness for your law firm, an event is a great way to meet potential new clients and start to build a database of interested prospects.  

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#4) Create a referral program.

One of the goals of building brand awareness is building trust. One of the best ways to build trust is to get your existing clients involved. People trust recommendations. According to Hubspot, 90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends.  

People tend to trust and try brands recommended by people they know. As part of your efforts to build local brand awareness, give your existing clients a reason to tell their family and friends about you. Create a referral program.  

A referral program, where existing customers get rewarded for sending new clients to your firm, is a great way to both build brand awareness and attract potential new clients. Give clients a reason to talk about your firm by providing them with something of value when they send new clients your way. This practice gets people in your community talking about your brand in a natural and trustworthy way.  

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Get More Locals to Know and Trust Your Law Firm

Local law firm marketing is different from most other types of local marketing. You aren’t using it to try and drive in immediate business. Instead, you are using it to promote your brand so locals begin to know and trust your firm and turn to you when they need you.  

Use these tips to start building brand awareness for your law firm and promoting your practice to your local community.

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