4 Easy Steps to Accomplishing Your Inbound Marketing Strategies

By Lauren Broadwell

      Apr 10, 2017     Solutions    

In 1450 Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, igniting a spark to share material – or media – with the world. Look how far we've come since then!

What started as printed newspapers and magazines transformed to radio and television. What became radio and television shifted to telemarketing and email blitzing. The way people consume media changed rapidly and it's only natural the way businesses advertise themselves evolved, too.

Look around you, chances are, you see somebody on a laptop, smartphone, tablet or even a high-tech watch. Even you are on one of these things now!

Our world is immersed in a digital age more than ever. As a result, the way to effectively market your business is through digital media, particularly through the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy.

Core Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing strategies draw consumers in through relevant and helpful content that enhances their lives rather than interrupting them. When you acquire consumers organically, they are more likely to continue supporting your brand.

Here are four steps to improve inbound marketing, turning a stranger into a promoter for your business in natural ways:

1. Attract 

Your website is the face of your digital store, so to speak. To attract people to your storefront, it's necessary to know what people want to see and find a way to put your business on that list.

Publishing SEO-rich quality content writing on your website or partner websites will draw readers in, especially via keyword Google searches.

Key phrases that people will likely type into a Google search bar should be incorporated throughout your blog or website content in a way that flows naturally and relates to your target audience. Be cognizant and refrain from using too many varied key phrases. Construct a clear intention for your content and utilize SEO within the range of your inbound and content marketing strategy.

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2. Convert

Since you have mere seconds to catch your visitor's attention, you need to make those seconds count.

Surely your company has something special to offer. If not, you wouldn't be in business in the first place. Advocate for what your company does to enhance the consumer's life and advocate well.

As part of your marketing strategy, include enticing calls-to-action converting your visitors into leads. Calls-to-action can manifest as links or buttons that encourage your audience to get involved. These are typically more successful when the action clearly benefits the consumer – things like downloading a free ebook, free supplemental material, an invitation to attend a webinar and more.

It's important to include more than one call-to-action in your blog post or on your website. Make sure each one will help the consumer gain something of value.

3. Close

Once you attract the consumers' attention and convert them into leads, initiate the next step to close the deal and transform them into loyal customers.

Google Analytics is your best friend when it comes to monitoring potential customers and providing tailored, beneficial content. Observing whether or not a lead downloaded free materials from your site, followed you on social media or opted in for email updates will help you determine how to best reach out to that potential customer in a helpful way.

If a lead downloads a whitepaper or ebook from your website, consider sending them email updates within the same genre or topic. If a lead follows you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or more, stick to your content strategy, however broad or specific it is. Watch numbers and insights closely and always take pride in what your business can offer. Be intentional and your leads will become faithful customers.

4. Delight

Inbound marketing strategies do not stop once someone becomes a customer. In fact, smart marketing celebrates the people who are loyal to the brand just as fervently as it attracts new potential customers.

Two-way communication on social platforms, providing surveys on your website and via email and accepting feedback are a few ways to engage with your loyal consumers and assure them of their value.

An esteemed customer is a happy customer. As you update your content with SEO to attract new consumers, keep posting things for your current customers, too. Generate content that encourages them to grow, to maintain brand loyalty and to promote your business for you. In tandem with inbound marketing strategies, word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.

Start your inbound marketing strategies today.

By effectively using this inbound marketing methodology, you will attract more viewers to your website, inspire them to stay, and encourage them to come back again and again. Inbound marketing strategies not only establish brand loyalty but also build trust and credibility between consumers and your business.

If you're still unsure of the process and desire help, contact us to receive a free consultation for your business.

The future of media delivery is happening today. Stay innovative and on top of the game with proven inbound marketing strategies aimed at your success.