28 Marketing Channels That Drive Customers to Your Brand

By Raubi Perilli

      Aug 22, 2019     Solutions    

There is no shortage of opportunities available to promote your brand. Use these 28 marketing channels to attract attention and drive new customers to your business.

#1) Google Organic Search

Optimizing your site for SEO (search engine optimization) makes it easier for people to find your website across all search engines. However, Google has a 90% market share in the search marketing game, so focusing on this engine can help your brand get found easily by new customers.  

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#2) Blogging

One of the best ways to boost your SEO is through blogging. You can rank for more keywords, bring more people to your website through social media, and provide value for your customers. Consider setting up a page where you share a minimum of two blog posts per month. 

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#3) Guest Blogging

If your blog is still growing, find a new audience. Share your insights through guest posts on other blogs that link back to your website. You can reach new people while boosting your SEO. 

#4) Google Paid Search

If you want to drive results immediately, look into Google Paid Ads. You can bid on keywords related to your brand and will only pay when users click on your ad to visit your website. You can pay as much or little as you want each day. 

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#5) Email Newsletters

Email marketing is still an incredibly popular form of communication. More than 90% of US adults use email to communicate and most check their messages at least 15 times per day. Send out weekly or monthly email newsletters to connect with your customers. 

#6) Text Marketing

SMS text marketing is also a popular alternative to email. Text messages are short, widely opened, and the top choice for younger audiences.

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#7) Facebook

One of the largest social networks. Roughly 68% of the entire U.S population is on Facebook, including 82% of people 25-29. 

#8) Twitter

Twitter is a faster social network than Facebook. Post frequently to prevent your tweets from getting lost and participate in conversations using hashtags. Twitter is great for sharing live news reports.  

#10) Instagram

Instagram is a highly visual social network and also skews younger. Make sure you post quality photos and engaging content in order to succeed on this network. Also, you can use several hashtags with each post to reach more people. 

#11) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often known as the professional social network. This is great for B2B brands or companies that offer professional work (like accounting or legal services) to customers. 

#12) Snapchat

While only 24% of the total US population uses Snapchat, this social network has captured 73% of 18-24 year olds. This social network is a must if you want to reach younger audiences. 

#13) Paid Social Media Promotions

Along with promoting your business organically on social media, look for paid promotions. You can target specific demographics in your area and even limit your ads to certain zip codes. Plus, this is a great way to reach new audiences on social and turn them into fans. 

#14) Google My Business

You can claim your business on Google and upload photos, menu items, hours, and other information. You can also respond to questions and reviews. This is a great way to be found in local search and on Google Maps. 

#15) Yelp

Yelp is another popular place for reviews. If you don’t think we have a presence on Yelp, check again. People are likely leaving reviews and comments even if you don’t know it. Responding to these comments can boost your business and customer engagement. 

#16) YouTube

There is so much your brand vision can do on YouTube! Host webinars, share fun videos, post behind-the-scenes content. Along with your YouTube channel, consider sharing video content on social networks like Facebook and even going live on some of them. 

#17) Influencer Marketing

Another way to get your name out there through social media marketing channels is with influencer marketing. Look for local influencers with large followings who are eager to promote your brand. Their audiences can soon become your audiences. 

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#18) Clear Signage

Don’t underestimate the power of a clear sign. Make people curious about your brand and what makes you different from others. 

#19) Contests

Contests and giveaways can boost engagement for existing customers while bringing in new ones. These giveaways don’t have to be big, they just have to get people excited about your brand. 

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#20) Conferences

Conferences are a great way to reach people if you are a B2B brand, but also to reach B2C customers. Look for local fairs or expos where you can set up and get in front of lots of people. 

#21) Sponsorships

Local schools, sports teams, arts organizations, and nonprofits are always looking for sponsors. Support the community that you are in while promoting your brand to new audiences.  

#22) Fundraisers

Promote your brand and support a good cause! Host a fundraiser to support a local non-profit and drive new people to your business.

#23) Direct Mail

Print mailers are still going strong as a way to reach people – especially if you offer a unique value proposition in an eye-catching way. 

#24) Traditional Advertising

The rise of digital media marketing channels doesn’t mean you need to give up on traditional advertising platforms. Look into promoting your brand on local TV networks, radio stations, and newspapers. This can be especially effective when your message is found in small neighborhood papers. 

#25) Streaming Ads

If you want to reach people through TV or Radio, look at how younger audiences consume media. Consider testing your ads on Hulu or Spotify to reach people when they stream.  

#26) Press Releases

Press releases are still one of the easiest ways to spread your message to the media. Send out a press release whenever you have major company news and see who picks up your story.

#27) Media Interviews

Work with local media to promote yourself as an expert in your field, whether you are offering advice for lawn care or back-to-school safety. Local media outlets can turn to you for questions and insight in the future. 

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#28) MyArea Network

Connect with local customers near your business by creating a profile on MyArea Network. Your page and content help get your brand in front of local, engaged customers when they look for the best things to do, see, and eat in their area.

Discover the Right Marketing Channels for You

The key to successful brand promotion is to find the best marketing channels for your brand. Test out a few options, or reach out to the experts who have been there before. Contact MyArea Network and ask about our marketing strategies – and how we can promote your brand.