12 Types of Sales Promotions To Run at Your Local Business

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Mar 5, 2020  /  Solutions |

If your store is empty, your products are overstocked, or your sales are slumping -- it might be time for a sales promotion. A promotion can create a spark that drives people to your store and gets them to buy more while they are there.   

Use the ideas in this post to kick-start your sales by running one of these popular types of promotions. 

First, Set a Goal For Your Promotion

Before we list options for types of promotions to run, there is something very important to consider: your goals.   

Never run a promotion just to run a promotion. Always have a good reason for launching your deal.   

Knowing your goal will make it easier to both measure and find success as it will drive you to the best methods for achieving the results you want.   

Your reasons for running a promotion might be one of the following.   

  • Increase sales
  • Generate leads
  • Drive in-store visits 
  • Boost referrals 
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Build brand awareness 

Keep your goal in mind as you go through the following types of promotions. Ask yourself which promotion will help you achieve the results you want and need. 

12 Types of Promotions To Consider

Spark ideas for promotions to run at your business with this list of promotional concepts. 

#1) Discount / Price Cut

The most basic type of promotion is to simply cut the price of your items. Run a deal that discounts regular prices by a set percentage or dollar amount. 

#2) Coupon 

Instead of cutting prices on every item, require customers to have a coupon to get the discount. You can add coupons to your website, share them on social media, or add them to local mailers. You can also use coupons as a lead generation tool by requiring customers to give over their phone number or email in exchange for the discount. 

#3) Buy One Get One

Quickly move products by offering a buy one get one deal where customers pay for one item and get one free. This provides immense value for your customer while helping you move old or aging inventory. 

#4) Buy One Give One 

A spin on the buy one get one promotion is the buy one give one deal. In this case, customers can buy one item and also get one to give to a friend. This promo is another way to move products, please customers, and get the added benefit of spreading the word about your business (as your customers will share the product or service with a friend). 

#5) Upgrade Discount 

If you sell products or services that have package levels, encourage customers to move up a level by offering a discount. If customers are buying a lower level service (such as a basic car wash), they are already interested in your product or service. A discount could be the incentive they need to jump up to a higher-tier service (like a full interior detailing). 

#6) Free Upgrade

You could also give customers the ability to upgrade for free. Offering a free upgrade as a promotion is a good strategy if customers return to your business frequently as they may see the value in the higher tier package and get it the next time. For example, if a hair salon gives a free styling service, the customer may request it the next time they visit. 

#7) Free Giveaway with Purchase 

Give customers a reason to come in and make a purchase by giving them a little something extra when they buy. Offer a free item to each customer that comes in and makes a purchase over a certain dollar amount. 

#8) Flash Sale 

Customers will be motivated to visit your business if you run types of offers that promote scarcity or urgency, like a flash sale. Host a flash sale that offers deep discounts for a very brief time. The limited access to the deals will drive customers to your business. 

#9) Limited Time Menu Offer 

Another way to use urgency to drive customers to your store is through a limited-time menu offer. Limited-time menu offers, which are special food or drink items that are only available for a certain amount of time, give customers an extra incentive to visit your business right away. 

#10) Extra Loyalty Points

A customer loyalty program is a good way to keep customers coming into your business even when you aren’t running a promotion. Then, you can tie a promotion to your program by offering days or events when customers can earn extra points or rewards that help them get closer to cashing in on their loyalty status. 

#11) Free In-Store Event 

A promotional price or giveaway doesn’t have to be on your product or service. You can simply host a free event that provides value for your customers. For example, if you have a family-friendly quick-service restaurant, hire a kid’s entertainer and host a fun family night. 

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#12) Brand Partnerships 

Partnerships are a great way to boost interest in a promotion. Find another local business and run a deal together. For example, a restaurant and a laser tag business near each other could partner up and offer 15% to customers who visit the other business before or after their visit. 

Don’t Forget to Promote Your Promotions

It’s not enough to just create a promotion and expect the customers to come flocking toward your new deal or discount. You also need a marketing strategy for connecting with local customers and letting them know about your offer.   

As you put together your promotion, also consider where you will share it to catch attention and drive demand.   

Here are some ideas for how to promote your promotion:   

  • Alert your email list 
  • Use text message marketing 
  • Share it on social media (not once, create an entire promotional strategy around it)
  • Write a blog post about it
  • Create a geofencing ad that displays to nearby customers
  • Add the deal to your PPC campaigns 
  • Attract local press (get local media talking about it) 

Build Better Promotions for Your Local Brand

Promotions are a great way to drive new customers to your business while attracting the attention of past customers. It can boost your in-store visits, customer loyalty, and sales. If you need to boost your brand awareness and engagement, consider running one of these types of promotions.   

And, if you need help with your promotion, we are here to help.   

MyArea Network specializes in helping brands build a bigger presence in their local communities. If you’re looking to get more customers near your business to know, like, and trust you, request your free local brand analysis and see how we can help.