Smart Targeting: Easily Connect Your Business to New Customers

By Carlyn Bullock

      Feb 15, 2016     Solutions    

Relying on your website and social media does not work as a stand alone form of advertising in today's market. Communication is critical for businesses to succeed. Today's consumer needs to feel valued and relevant to the process as you make the most of opportunity by creating ways to extend and strengthen relationships between local users and your brand.

How does a business accomplish their goals in today's competitive markets where people are bombarded by information? Fortunately with smart targeting you can easily connect your business to new users while collecting valuable data that in the long run will save you money.

What Is Smart Targeting?  

Simply put, smart targeting is personalized communications designed to yield high retention rates and prevent attrition. Using a combination of services designed to fit your needs, you can expect a significant increase in user retention when you implement a marketing plan using a combination of strategic digital marketing protocols listed below.

Enlightened by consumer data, the end goal of our digital marketing strategies is brand loyalty. Smart targeting marketing uses the following strategies.

Event Marketing / Photo Promotions

Imagine a large event, an event with ties to the demographic you want to attract, now imagine photographers taking photos of event goers handing them a card.  On one side is your company information, perhaps the information includes an offer, on the other are directions for downloading their photo from the event.  When the event attendees go online to grab their photo they 'opt-in', providing data later used in a smartly segmented campaign targeted specifically to the customers you want to attract. The data is yours, to keep and grow, before you know it you have a database large enough to no longer need boosted Facebook posts. Major brands use events to build their digital marketing strategies, you should too. Photo promotions easily provide a proven effective data/lead machine. Capturing important data with a photo promotion at local events provides extremely valuable contact information which converts to leads.  Converting those leads through smart targeting is the objective of a sound digital marketing plan.

Data Collection and Management

Using data collected at events allows us to predict which offer or personalized message to send your existing customers and prospects. Existing customers should not get the same message, just as certain segments of your data pool should not receive the same offers or messages.  Data Management is integral to a successful campaign and a foolproof way to keep your existing and potential new users engaged with your brand. Digital marketing is the backbone of customer loyalty. Smart targeting assists you in building a smarter, stronger timetable turning new customers into loyal customers as your plan unfolds.

Re-Target Advertising

Research states that the average number of times a business must 'touch' a new user, client, customer, or prospect is growing. Once thought to be three, experts now believe that “a consumer won’t purchase your product or service until it has been a part of your campaign seven times." Common sense tells us if they give you permission to send information, then it takes fewer touches than reaching out to people who don’t know you and haven’t expressed interest in your service or product. We use remarketing and re-targeting advertising that connects a business and a prospect multiple times.

Mobile / SMS Text Marketing

Creating marketing programs using text messaging takes advantage of the unprecedented rise in mobile device use. Imagine a large event, perhaps the season opener for a local sports team, on a Jumbotron are instructions for fans to 'text' in for a free offer or promotion. Imagine the data collection possibilities at a single event, with thousands of fans opting in, sharing data with you. A well executed, opt-in advertising campaign delivered by text to smartphones can be better one than email. Ninety-five percent of email is considered promotional with an open-rate of around 28%.Text messaging however has a 95 to 97 percent open rate. Want consumption? Think digitally. Text marketing can be designed to fit any situation, any budget.  Imagine Brand Ambassadors circulating through your venue or event with iPads interacting on your behalf, gathering data as patrons and event-goers sign-in on the iPad to receive your promo.

Content Marketing with SEO

Create positive brand awareness geared towards your buyer, sharing easy to digest content designed to answer a question, solve a problem, or make life easier, based on insights from your audience. Our content marketing campaigns focus on relevancy, value, and emotion, the three most important elements of compelling content. We use SEO strategy in content marketing to drive traffic to your site, over time your articles will perform well on Goggle search, with the goal being getting your content articles Number One on the First Page of Google.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one way to connect on a personal level with your users. Proven to generate business, email marketing allows you to create campaigns built around promos, loyalty programs and more to stimulate interest and to remind customers to use what you offer. Social media, though not a sales driver on it's own is important as a meant for engagement with fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Social media builds awareness and keeps your brand top-of-mind.


None of the above is smart in any way shape or form without detailed reporting. You need to know email open rates, bounce rates, who unsubscribed from your mailing list and more. You need reporting and business data to know what worked so you can leverage the information and continue scaling to a new age consumer.

Pulling It All Together

Millennials grew up with their phones, weaned on the Web they are inseparable from their phones, they want what they want, and they want it now. Oh, and it better be real! Brands need to embrace every opportunity to engage this evolved consumer base, they need to show who they are and what they offer easily, providing information Millennials can consume and act on quickly.

Building brand loyalty means taking care of your customers, always careful to not over-communicate we will assist you in creating relevancy.  Positioning you as helpful, offering value, providing something of benefit. Our job is to build brand awareness via smart targeting, connecting your business to new users, increasing exposure for you, your brand and your business.

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