Law firm marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years as the way clients find lawyers has changed. Rather than relying on advertising or word of mouth referrals, prospects are now looking online to find a legal specialist that fits their needs. This changing landscape has forced firms to adapt and be "visible" online.

Whether you\'re an independent attorney or a large law firm, the team at My Area Network can create a customized digital marketing strategy that will increase the quantity and quality of new clients, streamline marketing efforts, and maximize your marketing dollars.


  • Optimize your Website to generate leads
  • Develop innovative content across multiple platforms
  • Increase visibility
  • Become an authoritative source in the legal industry


  • Build your Legal Brand
  • Engage with Potential Clients
  • Grow your Reach
  • Expand your Referral Network


  • Stay in Touch with Current Clients
  • Appeal to a wider audience
  • Incorporate Real Time Lead Generation Into All Marketing Mediums
  • Capture Customer Data for retargeting campaigns


  • Outperform the Competition
  • Get more clients with less money
  • Optimize marketing through real-time analytics
  • Allow yourself to focus on practicing law instead of marketing

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