Don't Host a Branded Holiday Event Without a Photo Promotion

By Raubi Perilli

      Nov 6, 2018     Solutions    

If you’re hosting a holiday event at your business this year -- don’t let the moment pass by without capturing it through professional photo promotions.

A photo promotion is when a professional photographer comes to your event, captures photos of guests, and gives them branded cards that tell them where they can access the photos. Guests get to download their photos and so does your brand.

These photo promotions do more than give you memories to reflect back on. They help you:

  • Create a fun and interactive engagement at your event
  • Impress guests with an exciting paparazzi-feel
  • Set up powerful text and email remarketing opportunities
  • Develop a library of great branded content to share through your online platforms

It's a fun and strategic way to wow guests while supporting a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Plus, it's easy to set up when you work with MyArea Network.

Get Pro Shots From a Pro Photographer

You could do all the work finding photographers yourself, but this requires hours of interviewing, comparing their work, and requesting rates. Instead, request a vetted photographer who you can trust.  

MyArea Network works with vetted photographers, and we know which ones will be perfect for photo promotions at your nightclub or event space. This takes the stress out of finding someone that meets your brand vision and promotion goals.

Create Customer Engagement Opportunities

As your MyArea Network photographer works the event, they will hand out cards to the people they take photos of. Attendees can download these photos and share them with friends to show off how great they looked and how much fun they had.

These holiday photo promotions include your logo and even the event name so friends and fans can see how much fun attendees had. This is a great way to get your branded event in front of others across the web who didn’t attend your event and now wish they had.

The photos are also added to our library of local photos which gets your brand in front of even more people.

Use Photo Promotions to Market Your Business After the Event 

After your event, you can share photos from the holiday celebration across social media and also use photos in future marketing materials. All of this content allows you to build upon a fun event and bring even more people to your bar, restaurant, or event space in the future.  

You can also access the email addresses and phone numbers that guests provided when they downloaded their photo. This creates a database of engaged customers that you can then reach out to through email and text marketing campaigns.

Bring a Holiday Photo Promotion to Your Next Event

The holidays are a time to celebrate and have fun! Focus on throwing an event that people remember and leave the photography to the professionals.

Check out MyArea Network’s holiday photo promotions packages to make sure your photography, marketing, and attendee engagement are all covered.

Call us today at 1-800-830-7994 to see how you can bring exciting photo promotions to your holiday event this year!