3 Types of Powerful Holiday Marketing Campaigns to Launch in December

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Nov 21, 2019  /  Solutions |

The holidays are a prime selling season for many businesses. From restaurants and retailers to attraction and travel brands, businesses in all categories have an opportunity to drive major sales in the last two months of the year. In 2018, there was a predicted $1.002 trillion spent during the holidays (CNBC).

But if your brand wants to tap into the holiday spending spree, you can’t just sit around and wait for the holiday dollars to roll in.

You need to set up strategic holiday marketing campaigns that boost your brand’s ability to bring in customers and drive more sales this season. Here are three ideas for holiday campaigns you can run to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase your sales this season. 

#1) Geofencing Brand Awareness Campaign

Geofencing works by setting up an imaginary digital boundary around a building, neighborhood, or other defined area. When people walk in or out of the boundary, they are targeted with display ads that appear on websites or in apps.   

You can set up a geofencing brand awareness campaign by drawing a boundary around an area related to your business and then pushing targeted ads to people who move around the defined region. For example, if your business is in a mall, create a boundary around it and drive in shoppers with ads for your store. Or, if your restaurant is near a large department store, target shoppers and offer a coupon for visiting after their shopping is done. 

#2) Text Marketing Lead Generation Campaign 

A text marketing lead generation campaign prompts customers to send a text to a set number in exchange for receiving something of value. For example, a person may text a word to a five-digit number to be entered in a contest or to receive a coupon.   

This holiday season, you can use this campaign type to generate leads for your brand -- while also driving sales. Set up a text promotion that sends customers a coupon they can use within a few days. Feature the promotion in your store as well through your social media channels. By encouraging people to sign up, you generate leads while also giving customers an incentive to shop at your store with a time-sensitive offer.   

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#3) Holiday Customer Engagement Event

Branded events are a great way to give customers a reason to visit your store. In an age where many customers buy online, a holiday event is a great way to engage customers in person.   

Host a holiday event that features special experiences that customers can only have in your store -- such as an open house with free food and drinks, expert demonstrations, and entertainment. When you set up your holiday event, support it through other marketing tactics.   

Make Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns More Effective 

As you set up your holiday marketing campaigns this year, keep two things in mind. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Online

Even if you are a brick-and-mortar business that sells most of your products and services in person, don’t shy away from selling online.  

According to CNBC, “online spending this holiday season is set to hit a record $143.7 billion.” Don’t miss out on this opportunity by having nothing to sell on your website.   

Add a few of your most popular products to an online store. Or, sell gift certificates that are sent via digital download. Many shoppers want to be able to make purchases online this holiday season so give them options when they visit your branded digital platforms. 

Set Up Plans for Retargeting 

Even if you design smart, strategic, and highly-targeted holiday marketing campaigns, you aren’t going to immediately sell to everyone who comes across your promotions. But, you can set up systems that allow you to try again at a later date.  

Remarketing is the process of marketing to customers who have already been exposed to your marketing campaigns, engaged with your brand, or even made a purchase from your business. Remarketing marketing campaigns are often more effective than cold marketing campaigns because audiences are already warm.   

So as you set up holiday marketing campaigns, also think about what happens after the initial campaign. Think about how you can segment the customers that view or engage with your campaign, and how you can create follow-up remarketing campaigns that drive them further through the purchase funnel.   

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Set Up Holiday Marketing Campaigns Today 

Now that you have some ideas for what type of holiday marketing campaigns you can run this year, get going. The holidays creep up fast so put plans in motion,  and use MyArea Network tools to get started today.   

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