Google Reviews Not Showing Up? 6 Reasons & How to Fix It

By Scott Conlon

      Apr 28, 2022     Solutions    

Whenever a person searches for a local business, the first thing they do is look for the Google reviews. Besides offering credibility, Google reviews are an important SEO ranking factor that provides higher web traffic and revenue to businesses.  

But many times, you may notice that your Google reviews are disappearing. Wondering why? Keep reading to know the reasons and how to fix it:

Why Are Google Reviews Not Showing Up?

Before we move on to troubleshooting methods, note that reviews disappearing from a Google Business Profile is a common issue. The reason behind it could be anything from off-topic content to spam.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why your Google reviews might not be showing up.

Fake/Spam/Irrelevant Reviews

If Google suspects any fake or spam reviews, it will instantly remove them. A review is considered fake or spam if:  

  • It includes a URL or contact number.
  • The reviews are only present on Google and not on other platforms like Facebook, Yelp, or Local Area Sites.
  • Multiple reviews come from the same IP address.
  • The reviews are written by multiple accounts with the same owner.

Lewd / Threatening / Harassing Reviews

Google does not entertain any content with threatening, harassing, intimidating, or bullying remarks. They also remove the reviews that are racist, sexist, or discrimination-oriented.

Offensive or Illegal Reviews

If the review features any expletive, rude, or disrespectful content, it will be instantly deleted. This is also applicable for illegal reviews that feature copyrighted contents, illegitimate products, or services.

Conflict of Interest

If you have been reviewing your own company or business, it will be considered a conflict of interest. This category also includes anti comments for former employees or competitors.

Out of Context Comments

Google can remove reviews that are off-topic or do not relate to the business. It focuses on displaying genuine reviews that could help customers. Thus, any irrelevant or baseless content isn't welcome.

Violent Content

Fake reviews that invigorate terrorism or terror acts will be removed too. Sometimes terrorists can use other Google business profiles for recruiting or brainwashing people. Thus, Google identifies such reviews and removes them instantly. Any other comment that promotes violence will be removed too.

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What to Do if Your Google Reviews Keep Disappearing

Once removed, you cannot get your Google reviews back. However, you can try refreshing your Google business profile once. It will clear any bugs (that may cause review disappearance) and update your location.

Here are the steps  

  • Go to Google Business Profile and log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the menu > All Locations.
  • Verify yourself as the authorized manager and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Select the "Manage Location" option. Once directed to the Location page, click on Edit.
  • Now, open the Maps section and select "Edit Marker Location." Move the map marker slightly and click on the Save option.

If this step doesn't work, try clearing the cache of your browser and see if your review appears.  

The best thing to do after losing a Google review is to move on and ensure that this doesn't repeat again. What's happened can't be changed, but what's remaining can be improved. So, work on getting new customer reviews.

Additionally, try to understand the issue behind why you are losing the reviews. Is it related to recurrent spam reviews, or is it location-oriented?

Make sure to monitor and track the reviews that are getting deleted. See, what's wrong. Once you get to know these factors, it will be easier for you to manage your reviews.

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Monitor and Track Deleted Reviews on Google

With monitoring and tracking, you can prevent your Google reviews from getting deleted. MyArea Network helps you build a strong local brand with a reputation management system.

It allows you to track, monitor, and respond to the reviews for better management. Additionally, it's also useful for managing comments on social media platforms and blogs. With our assistance, all your genuine and actionable reviews will be displayed to your visitors and potential customers.

Try out these steps, and we are sure you wouldn't face issues with your Google review in the future! Do not get demotivated if you lose Google reviews. With the right steps and hard work, you will be back in the business stronger than before.

If you'd like to see how MyArea Network can help you build more high-quality Google reviews, let's talk. Schedule your free call with MyArea Network's team of local marketing experts.