See How This Effective Marketing Campaign Turned $725 into $5,625

By Raubi Perilli

      Aug 4, 2020     Solutions    

Trying to decide how to spend your marketing dollars can be challenging. You want to put your money into effective marketing campaigns that will produce the highest return on your investment.  

The problem is marketing isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution. You must combine a few tactics to produce the best results, and you need to explore your options to see which strategy will work best for your business, audience, offerings, and goals.

To offer some inspiration for how to put together an effective marketing campaign, let’s look at a specific MyArea Network example that took a $725 investment and turned it into $5,625 in sales. 

The Client

Our client was a single-location restaurant that offers lunch and dinner options. The restaurant is on the higher-end of the restaurant spectrum, although they frequently offer special deals that make the concept a good option for many types of diners.

The Goal

The restaurant wanted to launch an effective marketing campaign that would help grow their customer database and drive in diners.

They didn’t have a large existing customer database that could be leveraged to drive in visits, so our plan was to build the database and drive in leads at the same time. The campaign would provide immediate value by driving in new local customers. And, it would also provide long-term value by producing an audience list that the restaurant could continue to market to.

The Strategy

We put together a three-step marketing campaign to help them reach their goals.

#1) Social Text Contest

We started with a social text contest. It uses paid digital ads to get a contest in front of a targeted audience and encourages them to opt-in by entering to win. This campaign grows a contact list while also expanding brand awareness and giving audiences a reason to visit the restaurant.  

  • We created a landing page that encourages audiences to sign up for a chance to win a Dinner for Two.
  • We made it super simple for audiences to sign up. They only have to enter their phone number for a chance to win.
  • We made the offer even more enticing by giving everyone a bonus for entering. Everyone who enters receives $25 off a "Dinner for Two" with a Facebook check-in.
  • We used a Facebook advertising strategy to promote the contest, targeting people living near the restaurant.
  • We used data to see which audience responded best to the campaign and ran more ads targeting a similar audience to optimize results.

By making a deal that customers can’t resist, we saw a large amount of opt-ins. By adding the element of Facebook check-ins, we also turn the campaign into an opportunity to gain visibility through the customer’s social media channels.  

The campaign generated 72,291 impressions, 2,235 clicks, and 1,405 entries. We conservatively estimate that from the entries, 20 deals are used each month. Even better, each entry is a lead who has an incentive to visit the restaurant and is also now set up to receive additional marketing messages for future promotions.  

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#2) Geofencing

To attract more attention to the campaign, we paired it with geofencing advertising.  

Geofencing advertising creates a virtual boundary around a specific location. When people enter or exit that boundary, they are tagged and begin to receive targeted display ads. They are also tagged so we can see if they enter the client’s restaurant. (When our data shows a person saw the display ad and then entered the restaurant, it is considered a conversion.)  

For the restaurant, we wanted to get their promo in front of nearby customers most likely to visit for dinner or lunch. We target seven nearby hotels and 22 restaurants, and the campaign resulted in 22,630 impressions and 19 restaurant visits.  

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#3) Text Marketing

As a final element of this effective marketing campaign, we added a text marketing strategy.

Through the social text contest, we began to create an engaged list of prospects who showed interest in the restaurant. We later reached out to this audience with a Buy-One-Get-One special.  

This part of the campaign reached 3,671 people and drove 302 clicks to the terms and conditions page. We conservatively estimated that at least 5% of those conversions visited the restaurant, which would result in 15 restaurant visits. 

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The Results

The results show that this was an effective marketing campaign strategy. The cost to run the three elements of the marketing campaign was only $725.  

The campaign generated 1,405 leads.  

  • All leads came through the social text contest.

The campaign drove close to 100,000 impressions.  

  • 72,291 Impressions through a Social Text Contest
  • 22,630 Impressions through Geofencing
  • 3,671 Impressions through Text Marketing
  • 98,592 Total Impressions

The campaign drove approximately 54 restaurant visits.  

  • 20 Visits through Social Text Contest
  • 19 Visits through Geofencing
  • 15 Visits through Text Marketing
  • 54 Total Visits

The campaign produced approximately $5,625 in sales.  

  • $1,500 Sales from Social Text Contest
  • $3,000 Sales from Geofencing
  • $1,125 Sales from Text Marketing
  • $5,625 Total Sales

The return on investment for the campaign was $4,900 -- a 675% return.

With an investment of only $725, the restaurant was able to produce an ROI close to $5,000. They also gained the value of a larger contact list and increased brand awareness that has value outside of the immediate sales bump.

Launch More Effective Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are not one-size-fits-all. You often need to combine a few tactics to work together to reach audiences in a variety of ways. This may seem more complicated -- but it’s not.  

When you have a strategic vision for how each element will work together to make the other stronger, you can produce powerful results, even with a relatively small budget.  

To see how MyArea Network can help your brand produce similar results, let’s talk. Contact us today to talk about how we have produced results for our other clients and how we can do the same for your brand.