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Use Geofencing To Advertise To Audiences In Targeted Locations

Get In Front of the Right Customers At the Right Time

Boost advertising results by using geofencing ads that reach customers in, around, or near a specific business, event, conference center, or building.

Target Defined Audiences

Reach top prospects for your business by showing ads in places where qualified and ideal customers spend time.

Share Highly Relevant Messages

Craft compelling ad copy that speaks to audiences based on the experience they’re having at the defined location.

Get Concrete Data and Results

Never guess what’s working. Get detailed analytics and data that show the clear ROI of each campaign.

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Keeping Customer Engaged and Interested

Geofencing advertising creates a virtual boundary around a location and then pushes display ads to people who move in and out of the boundary.


The ads, which show on websites and in apps, reach customers during each stage of the buyer’s journey.


They can drive nearby foot traffic, target your competitor’s customers, support traditional marketing signage, and bring existing customers back again and again.



MyArea Network Geofencing Ad Solutions

Our Campaigns Utilize Strategic Thinking from Start to Finish

Ad Creative

Targeting Strategy

Campaign Set-up

Campaign Optimization

Analytics Reporting

Location Based Statistics

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Combine vision and strategy to build a recognizable brand identity customers love.

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Frequently asked questions


Geofencing draws a virtual perimeter around a target area that you’ve designated to reach current or new customers. Display ads can be delivered to that audience for up to 30 days after they entered that geofence.
This location-based service uses software over cellular data to capture customer data, as long as their location services are enabled.
There are many variables to pricing for geofencing - how large is the “fence”, how many customers are you reaching - but, generally, average costs of geofencing display ads are between $8 -$14 per CPM, cost per thousand impressions.
Yes, 53% of consumers say they have acted upon an ad, coupon, or offer they’ve received as part of a geofencing campaign.&