6 Ways Restaurants Can Increase Online Food Orders (and Revenue)

By Raubi Perilli

      Jun 14, 2021     Solutions    

Now is the time to set up systems and strategies to increase online food orders for your restaurant.  

COVID-19 accelerated the rate at which customers order take-out and delivery -- and that trend is here to stay. Some forecasts predict the size of the market to grow to $15.7 billion in the US in 2022. That’s an increase from $11.2 billion in the US in 2018.  

Your restaurant can’t get left behind. You need to start optimizing your online ordering system so it is simple to use, creates a positive brand experience for the customers, and employs strategies to increase your operational effectiveness and percentage of each sales revenue (because third-party apps can eat away at your profits).

6 Ways to Increase Online Food Orders and Revenue

Here are a few ways to increase online food orders for your restaurant while setting up systems that increase revenue and help you keep more of the sale.

#1) Create a visual online ordering experience.

People are visual creatures. Our brains interpret images faster than words. This is one reason why adding high-quality photos to your online menu can increase food orders.  

Showcase photos of food through the ordering system. Use images to show people exactly what they are ordering. Take it one step further by allowing customers to customize their order and see the ingredients as they add them to their dish. Get inspired by these examples of visual online ordering menus from Zuppler.  

Photo credit: Zuppler

#2) Trigger up-sells during the ordering process.

You may already use up-sell techniques in your store to prompt customers to add on to their orders. Employ these strategies in your online ordering systems as well.  

Add a step to the online ordering process that gives customers the option of adding on up-sell items like drinks, sides, and combos. Small menu up-sells add up and can increase your revenue with each order.

Photo credit: Zuppler - Menu upselling

#3) Employ remarketing to drive repeat orders.

One way to increase online food orders is by getting past customers to come back and buy again. Don’t focus all of your attention on driving new orders. Spend time setting up remarketing campaigns that encourage your past customers to place a new order, too.  

Start by prompting customers to create an account when they order. Show them the benefit of having an account (they can save their payment information, repeat an order with a few clicks, save delivery addresses, etc.). Then, take the information you collect from customers to set up remarketing through restaurant marketing automation. Tigger email and text marketing promotions based on customer’s past orders and preferences.  

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#4) Launch delivery services.

As customers move toward wanting more conveniences, they are craving more delivery options. If you don’t currently offer delivery, you may be able to boost your online orders by providing delivery services in addition to take-out.  

An online ordering tool like Zuppler can help you set up a delivery system for your restaurant. Use it to assign specifications for delivery services (such as delivery zones and hours, minimum spend for delivery, expected delivery times, etc.). Use it to create internal systems that manage delivery orders inside of your restaurant or sync it with one of Zuppler’s delivery partners. 

Delivery on the Zuppler Menu Anywhere Platform from Zuppler Inc. on Vimeo.

#5) Offer customers peace of mind with food tracking.

If you want to increase online food orders, you have to give customers a great experience the first time they order. A clunky or stressful first experience will decrease the likelihood that someone will come back to order again. One way to make the experience as good as possible is by offering food tracking so customers can get real-time updates on the status of their order. Utilize an online ordering software that updates customers as their order is processed.  

As a bonus, tracking can also decrease pressure on your team. When customers see their order progress, they don’t need to call for updates, and they’re more likely to arrive on time to pick up their orders. Their expectations are set and met, which is likely to increase customer frequency.  

Photo credit: Zuppler -- Customer connect

#6) Use data analytics to increase food orders.

Once you start driving online restaurant orders, you can collect data that helps you drive even more orders. An online ordering system can track details about customer ordering habits and preferences. These insights can help you make improvements to your marketing and operations.  

For example, you can see your top-selling items to identify what food items you may want to promote more. You can also see what customers don’t order and decide if you want to cut those items from your menu. Data also offers insights into customers. You can see your most loyal customers and what time is the busiest for orders. This data can even offer insights into operations. You can see time frames when you might need more staff or identify food that you don’t need to order as much of.  

Data is a powerful tool for restaurants. Seek an online ordering partner that collects data and serves it to you in a way that allows you to identify trends and make changes based on what you learn.  

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Increase Online Food Orders and Revenue with Zuppler

Online food ordering isn’t going away. It’s going to grow substantially in upcoming years. Now is the time to get your restaurant ready with a streamlined, easy-to-use online ordering system.  

Employ these tips to get ready to increase online food orders, and use Zuppler to get started today.  

Zuppler is one of MyArea Network’s recommended online food ordering solutions for restaurants. We love how easy they make it to create a fully branded, visual online food ordering experience while removing third-party commission so more money stays in your pocket.  

With Zuppler, you can:

  • Create beautifully designed menu experiences
  • Receive new orders directly from your website
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  • Avoid expensive costs of third-party online ordering system

Take a step toward increasing your online food orders (and revenue) today. Learn more about Zuppler and save over $400 with exclusive pricing for MyAreaNetwork clients.