How to Write a Great Event Listing

By Raubi Perilli

      May 20, 2022     Solutions    

When your event is coming up, you need to do everything you can to attract attendees and get people to register or buy tickets. One way to do that is by writing a great event listing.  

A great event listing can:  

  • Help attendees find your event
  • Stand out from other similar events
  • Encourage attendees to register or buy tickets
  • Provide all the information attendees need
  • Create conversations about your event on social media

Let’s look at how to write a great event listing that will drive higher attendance for your next event. From small branded events to festivals and concerts to online events, these tips can help you attract more attention.

First, Where Will You Post Your Event Listing?

Before we jump into how to write a great event listing, we need to first consider where you will post your event listing. While most of the tips included in this post will work on any site where you can post an event listing, you also want to consider features native to the platform you are using. There may be more ways to optimize your listing based on where you post it.  

As you approach event marketing, you will want to post your event listing in multiple places. We recommend always posting your event on:  

Then, consider what smaller, more niche sites might be a fit for your event. For example, a business-focused event might post on the Chamber of Commerce calendar. Or, a neighborhood event might add it to Nextdoor.

How to Write a Great Event Listing

Let’s look at how to write a great event listing. Use this checklist when creating new listings for your event.

#1) Use a strong header image.

A header image is often the first thing audiences see when they view an event listing. Use this space wisely. Include an eye-catching image, only include a few words, and create an image that fits the platform you’re using. Don’t force one image to work on every event listing platform as it may distort the image or cut off important words.

#2) Add more photos (and a video).

The header usually isn't the only place to include photos and media. In addition to a header image, include other photos or videos to your listing that show the benefits and fun of attending the event.

#3) Write a descriptive title.

Next to the header, the title is one of the things that audiences will notice first when viewing your event listing. Write a short descriptive title that immediately tells audiences what the event is about. In some cases, the title will be obvious (like for a concert with a well-known artist). But if you have an event that doesn’t have instant recognition, use descriptive language that people can quickly understand (such as Wine Wednesday Happy Hour or Open Mic Night) rather than puns or event names people won’t recognize right away.

#4) Write a short event summary.

Many event listing platforms have a space for a short event summary. Typically these can only fit two to three sentences. Use this space to give the most basic description of your event and to tell people why they should attend.

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#5) Write a more detailed event description.

Provide the full details of the event information in the description. Most platforms offer a larger space to share the complete details of the event. As you fill out this section, include all of the information guests will need.  

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • What’s included
  • Ticket price
  • Link to get ticket
  • Cancellation and refund policy
  • Age restrictions
  • What’s allowed or not allowed
  • Where to park / how to get there
  • FAQ section

#6) Add your contact information.

Even if you think you have included all of the information people need, people will likely still have questions. Include your contact information so potential attendees can easily reach out to your team with additional questions or comments.

#7) Include marketing language and call-to-actions in the description.

Remember that your event listing is a promotion. Treat it as an advertising asset, and use marketing language to persuade people to attend. Show the benefits of attending and use clear call-to-actions to tell people to buy their ticket or register.  

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#8) Choose the right categories or tags.

Most event platforms give you an option to choose categories or tags for your event. These tags show your event when audiences look for events in those categories. While it may be tempting to include as many categories as possible, don’t. Instead, focus on the most relevant categories or tags to ensure that only interested audiences see your listing.

#9) Add keywords.

Another way to help people find your event is by optimizing your event listings with keywords. List the terms that people might be searching for when looking for an event like yours. Then, add those relevant keywords to your larger event listings. Identify the most important keyword and include it in your title and short description.  

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#10) Encourage audiences to share your event.

You can use your listing as a way to spread the word about your event. Add share buttons to your event listings so it’s easy for interested attendees to email it to their friends and click-to-share it through their social media channels. Also, create an event hashtag to use in social shares to generate more buzz and awareness for the event.  

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Get More Eyes on Your Local Event Listings

Now that you know how to write a great event listing, it’s up to you to promote your listing to make sure interested audiences see it.  

Add your event to your Local Area Site to get it in front of engaged locals.  

Then, drive even more attention to your event with the help of MyArea Network. Talk to us about how we can promote your event listing, add it to our city-wide newsletters, and include it on a themed or holiday event page.  

Reach out to our team today to see how we can help you get more eyes on your event listing and more people to attend your event.