Drive More Customers To Your Business District With This New Marketing Approach

By Raubi Perilli |

  | May 24, 2020  /  Solutions |

Promoting a business district requires marketing multiple businesses at once. You must highlight a variety of unique businesses while promoting the area as a whole. This isn’t always easy to do with one simple marketing approach -- until now.   

MyArea Network has created a singular marketing approach that allows business districts to attract customers and easily promote multiple businesses and their district all at once.   

The solution is MyArea Vouchers. 

What Are MyArea Vouchers? 

MyArea Vouchers are coupons that customers buy to use on products and services at a later date. The coupons are discounted so customers spend now and save later. For example, a customer could spend $80 to get $100 in coupons.

While this isn’t an entirely new concept, the way that MyArea is packaging our Vouchers hasn’t been done before.

Rather than offer customers an opportunity to buy a single coupon to just one business, we’re offering customers an opportunity to buy a package of coupons to use at a variety of businesses.    

For example, a customer could spend $50 to receive seven $10 coupons to businesses that are all located within the same district.   

With this new approach, customers save money and get incentives to visit businesses they may have otherwise overlooked.

For example, someone planning a trip to Ybor City to have dinner at one restaurant could buy a Voucher pack and then decide to get a drink at a bar before dinner, have their meal at a sit-down restaurant, and then enjoy a dessert somewhere else.   

Vouchers turn a trip for a single dinner into a multi-stop experience through an entire district.   

Customers love this -- and so do businesses and districts. 

Why MyArea Vouchers Are Great for Business Districts

A business district can set up a Voucher program and share benefits with every participating business (and even some non-participating businesses).

#1) Create Interest and Demand For Your District 

A group Voucher program attracts attention and drives demand for visiting your district. A discount coupon program gives customers an extra incentive to visit your area.

If customers are considering spending a day in your district versus another, the Voucher pack could be the reason why they choose you over a competitor.

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#2) Drive Return Visits to Your District

Vouchers not only drive immediate demand for your district. They also drive future demand. MyArea Vouchers are split into smaller denominations. Instead of receiving one $50 coupon, customers receive multiple smaller value coupons.

For example, they may receive seven $10 coupons. Customers may not spend all seven coupons during one visit, so they will be more likely to come back for another visit to use the rest of their Vouchers.

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#3) Generate Revenue (with No Up-Front Costs) for Businesses 

When you sell Vouchers, you put money directly into the pockets of participating businesses -- and there are no up-front costs to get started. You can set up a program and begin marketing it with no expense. The cost for the program is taken out of each purchase. Businesses keep most of the revenue from coupons, while the other funds go toward marketing and managing the voucher program.

Vouchers are a risk-free marketing effort that only has costs if it produces results.

#4) Generate Funds for Your District Marketing Efforts 

Vouchers can also help provide funds for your district marketing efforts as a whole. If your organization needs to generate revenue to better support the businesses in your district, you can use Vouchers as a way to increase funds. You can set up a split with businesses so that both the business and your district marketing organization get a portion of the revenue.

If businesses are struggling with paying dues or contributing to group district marketing efforts, this is a great way for them to participate without paying upfront costs. They can be included and pay their way, all while generating revenue and driving customers to their business. 

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#5) Create One Simple Business District Marketing Campaign 

When there are many businesses in your district, it can be difficult to give them all a fair share of your marketing campaigns.

But with a Voucher program, it’s easy to market multiple businesses at once. With one group Voucher program, you can centralize your marketing efforts and launch one campaign that benefits a variety of businesses all at once. 

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#6) Leverage Existing Marketing Channels and Audiences

In addition to having one cohesive, collective marketing campaign, you can also more easily promote your marketing efforts. The 20% revenue split with MyArea Network is used to help promote your Voucher program. We have proprietary media channels and marketing outlets that we use to help more customers learn about your program so it’s easier to promote and sell.

We package your Vouchers and then put them in front of the customers most likely to purchase them. 

Drive More Customers to Your Business District

You need to take a creative approach to effectively drive customers to your business district and get them to visit multiple businesses during their trip.

MyArea Vouchers offer a unique marketing angle you need. Use Vouchers to drive more visitors to your area and into more businesses while they are there -- all while giving customers a reason to return in the future.

To learn how to launch a Voucher for your business district, contact MyArea Network. A member of our team will contact you to walk you through bringing a Voucher program to your business district.