Generate Revenue For Your Hospitality Business Right Now with MyArea Vouchers

By Scott Conlon

      Mar 23, 2020     Solutions    

Most hospitality and small businesses around the country are focused on two things right now:

1. Keeping their customers and staff safe and healthy
2. Generating revenue

With dining rooms, bars, hotels, and event spaces all closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, many hospitality businesses are doing what they can to manage cash flow, pay their employees, and weather the storm so they can come out on the other side.   

MyArea Network is working to help them. 

We just launched a new voucher program designed to help businesses immediately activate customers and generate revenue right now.

Generate Revenue Now with MyArea Vouchers

MyArea Network has launched a vouchers program that helps businesses bring in revenue now -- by selling vouchers for discounted products and services to claim later.   

This program is different from selling gift certificates. With gift certificates, a customer may pay $50 now to receive $50 in the future.

With vouchers, a discount is added so a customer may pay $50 to receive $75 in the future.   

Our voucher program creates a limited-time deal so customers have an extra incentive to buy NOW.   

The vouchers create a financial transaction in advance, fronting cash flow for the business and giving customers a good reason to buy ahead of time.

Drive Multiple Visits in the Future by Breaking Up Vouchers

MyArea Network vouchers are also designed to lead to multiple visits in the future.   

With a gift certificate, a customer may come in one time to redeem the full value of their certificate.  

Our program provides multiple, smaller denomination vouchers that customers must use them over multiple visits. For example, for $50, a customer may receive five $15 gift certificates that can only be used once per visit.   

Breaking up vouchers serves businesses in three ways:   

  • It drives additional visits to the business so customers come back again and again.
  • It drives additional revenue for each future visit as customers are likely to spend more than the voucher value.
  • It spreads out your costs so you aren’t spending the first month back in business redeeming gift cards sold during your downtime. 

Halt Gift Certificate Sales & Launch Vouchers Instead

Unlike gift certificates, vouchers help businesses get what they need -- revenue now and leads to remarket to customers and drive revenue in the future. Not only can people easily gift portions of the vouchers based on the split capability, they can also manage any vouchers they purchase in their account.

MyArea Network loves local businesses, and we created this program to offer a smart, cost-effective way to support them during this difficult time.   

And the best part -- our vouchers program has no upfront cost.   

This program is designed to support small businesses and help you generate revenue without spending money.

We're committed to keeping our communities strong, and this is just one of the many ways we’re working with our business partners to navigate our current challenges. To learn more about our vouchers program and launch a program of your own, sign up today at Local Relief.   

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