How To Use Digital Retargeting to Bring Local Customers Back Again and Again

By Raubi Perilli

      Jan 14, 2021     Solutions    

The best marketing tactics don’t just attract new customers, they bring them back again and again. A great marketing strategy has plans for customer acquisitions and customer retention. So, how can you do it? One way is through digital retargeting.

What Is Digital Retargeting?

Digital retargeting is a strategy that identifies a past customer or interested prospect online and targets them with ads based on their online activity or behavior.

It is a type of remarketing strategy. Remarketing refers to any marketing tactic designed to bring back an existing audience or customer. Digital retargeting refers to the specific type of remarketing that uses digital display ads and marketing automation to target audiences who have visited your website or engaged with your social profiles.

How Does Digital Retargeting Work?

Digital retargeting may sound complicated, but the process is quite simple.  

  • A brand adds code to their website or uses social media tools to identify people who have visited their online platforms and what they did while using the online platform (what pages they visited, how long they stayed on the site, etc.).
  • A “cookie” is placed on a user when they visit the brand’s website or social media site.
  • The brand uses the cookie to target the user and present them with a targeted ad (related to their online activity) within the next few day, weeks, or months.

If you have ever viewed an e-commerce product on a website, didn’t make the purchase, and later saw an ad for the same product, you have seen digital retargeting in action.  

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What Do You Need for Digital Retargeting?

Digital retargeting requires tools and software that enable brands to identify users, place cookies on them, and deliver the ads. The most commons platforms for retargeting are:  

  • Google: You add code to your website from Google which identifies and tags visitors. You design ads that Google presents to users in the form of display ads that are visible on third-party websites.
  • Facebook (and Instagram): You add code to your website from Facebook which identifies and tags visitors. You design ads that Facebook presents to the audience through their platforms and websites. Or, you use Facebook tools to identify the people who have visited your Facebook or Instagram page and target them with ads on the same platforms.

There are other digital retargeting platforms you can use to set up campaigns. Social media sites that offer on-site advertising have features that allow you to target audiences based on on-site activity (such as visiting your page or engaging with your content). But, Google and Facebook have the largest reach and therefore, are used most often.

Using Digital Retargeting For Customer Retention

Digital retargeting is often used as a tool for customer acquisition because it is so powerful.

Customers rarely see a brand one time and buy right away. They need to see the brand, products, or services multiple times before they decide to make a purchase. The marketing “Rule of 7” says that a person needs to see something seven times before they buy. That number can be even higher in certain industries. Retargeting is an effective way to get your brand in front of people and move them through their seven impressions.  

But, digital retargeting can also be a powerful tool for customer retention.  

While many brands focus on using retargeting to convert new customers, you can also use it to keep existing customers coming back again and again. This is especially true for brands that have the potential for high customer frequency.  

Brands that have the potential to bring customers in once a month or even once a week (such as restaurants, retailers, spas, salons, etc.) can use retargeting to increase customer lifetime value and keep customers coming back for repeat visits.

Tips for Using Digital Retargeting for Customer Retention

To use digital retargeting for customer retention, use the following best practices.

Set campaigns to match customer return frequency.

Consider how often customers have the potential to visit your business. For example, a restaurant with lunch specials in a downtown area may bring in customers once a week, and a spa may bring in customers for a massage once a month. Set campaigns to retarget customers along the timeline for when they are likely to return. The restaurant could retarget a customer who ordered online a week ago, and the spa could retarget a customer who scheduled their massage online a month ago.  

Add time-sensitive promotions to drive immediate visits.

Create ad copy that includes time-sensitive promotions that will drive in customers right away. The spa could add a $10 off coupon code if customers schedule in the next 24 hours, and the restaurant could provide a free drink upgrade if a coupon code is used on the same day.  

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Tie ad content to past purchases and online behaviors.

With digital retargeting, you are able to target customers based on their online activity. You can choose to target only customers who visited certain pages on your website or engaged with specific content on your social media channels. Use these details to create targeted ad content that matches user behavior. If the spa offers massage and facials, they could display ads for massages to only the people who visited their massage page, and likewise, they could display ads for facials to only the people who visit their facial page.  

Don’t overdo it.

While digital retargeting is effective, it can be perceived as a negative tactic if it is overused. Customers can grow weary of brands that seem to be inundating them with ads and promotions. Use your metrics to learn about what your customers want to see, and look for signs that customers are feeling ad fatigue.  

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Remarketing is an essential part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. You can’t solely focus on customer acquisition strategies. You also need to focus on customer retention strategies. Digital retargeting is just one tactic you can use to bring back existing customers and increase the frequency of their visits.  

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