MyArea Audiences Get 360-Degree Virtual Tours Thanks to Threshold 360 Partnership

By Holly Hargett |

  | Mar 15, 2018  /  Announcements |

MyArea Network has partnered with Threshold 360 to give subscribers to their local websites a virtual experience.

When users click on a business, they won’t just get an image and a brief description; they’ll get an immersive virtual tour.

Adding this type of content makes a serious impact on an online search and is a much richer experience for the user.

Scott Conlon, President & CEO of MyArea Network says, “Adding virtual tours to the businesses we work with on our sites has been huge for us! We've had an overwhelmingly positive response from both our audience and the businesses we feature. It has increased conversions and gives the consumer a better experience.”   

Immersive content allows users to get a full experience by stepping inside a business they’re interested in.

Maybe they’re searching for a restaurant to eat tonight or want to do some travel research for an upcoming trip and what to see exactly what the business is about. Being able to see (literally) what you’re walking in to is huge for the consumer.

A virtual tour offers an intimate, inside look. Consumers will be able to see with their own eyes every inch of their destination and ditch the guessing game. They’ll be able to click and move through locations and explore every angle, from top to bottom.

Jordan Raynor, CEO at Threshold 360 is equally happy with the collaboration, saying, "We love the way MyArea Network is leveraging Threshold 360's content to allow users to virtually step inside of restaurants, shops, hotels, and attractions. We have been blown away by the dramatic increases in engagement this content has driven on 813area and we look forward to partnering with the MyArea Network team to help more people in more cities choose where they want to go offline."

In addition, MyArea Network has added an Uber integration so you can request an UBER with the click of a button any business page, on any site. Conlon says the MyArea Network sites are under constant upgrades with his development team, always with the user in mind to create the optimum experience.   

The MyArea Network sites are each based on the area code for the city they’re in. In the Tampa Bay area, MyArea Network operates 813area and 727area. Each site is a guide for things to do in the area including events and concerts, dining and everything local. For a second year in the row, the company was honored as one the University of South Florida’s 56 fastest growing Bull-owned businesses.