How to Use Historical Optimization to Increase Traffic

By Keith Rosenstock

      Oct 20, 2020     Solutions    

What if you were told you can cause your traffic to increase with one easy tactic? If you’re thinking it sounds nice in theory it's actually doable and it's pretty simple! It’s called historical optimization and it should be a part of your content marketing plan

What Historical Optimization Is

If you’ve been creating content for some time, you certainly have outdated material that doesn’t attract much attention anymore. When a potential customer is searching for something and finds multiple results with one being from this month and the other from two years ago, be sure they'll be looking at the one from this month.

But just because your content is from two years ago, it doesn’t mean it has to stay old. And that’s where historical optimization comes into the picture.

By simply updating your post it becomes new and relevant again. There’s no starting from scratch. By revising the information to make it fresh again, it becomes ready to be published again just like that! Traffic, or visits to the site can increase with minimal effort. 

Why Historical Optimization Works

Historical optimization allows you to reuse the keywords that attracted eyeballs to your page in the first place. After taking note of what the popular keywords are, you can hammer those keywords home, like adding them to your call to action. That should draw more traffic to your site.

Additionally, using keywords that brought traffic at the get-go, gives you the opportunity to improve conversion rates. By bringing prior readers back, and with the addition of newcomers, especially if those keywords have been added to the CTA, will create more leads, boosting conversion rates. 

Steps to Optimization

- Review content and on-page elements to find areas to improve

- Analyze the search engine results page (SERP) of the keyword you'd like to rank for 

- Update and promote! 

Why You Should Use Historical Optimization

Using historical optimization not only lets you reuse content like it hasn’t gone out of style, but it also allows you to reap benefits again from content that has already reaped you benefits originally. By updating the specifics as provided in the original blog post, it will become new again.

Not only does doing this present increased value for your repeat visitors, but it will also yield better results for you. After knowing what keywords brought readers to your site originally, optimizing those keywords in a new way should only bring more visitors.

Use historical optimization to boost your traffic with old material. Periodically doing this will do you wonders, and all it takes is one easy tactic!

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