Why We're Passionate About Promoting Community and Supporting Entrepreneurs

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Jan 22, 2018  /  Solutions |

At MyArea Network, we believe that everyone benefits by living in a thriving community that has unique character, a strong economy, and a slew of great local options for shopping, eating, and entertainment.

An active, energized region with many locally-owned businesses is a great place to live, work, and play. It attracts visitors and new residents, and it expands a city’s ability to grow and create even more opportunity.  

So, MyArea Network focuses on helping turn cities into those types of places, and we do that by promoting community and supporting entrepreneurs.

Community and entrepreneurs have a reciprocal relationship. Booming communities attract people who want to start businesses, and new businesses create and support thriving communities. Supporting both is how we help build great cities.

Thriving Communities Attract Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs ready to start new businesses look for cities that will support their new ventures. They want to move to areas that will help them be successful, so they choose thriving communities for multiple reasons.  

Thriving communities have market opportunity. Entrepreneurs looking to start new endeavors often look to the successes of others when deciding where to set up shop. They don’t want to settle in communities where other businesses are struggling to make it. Instead, they look for communities that are growing and willing and able to support new businesses.  

Thriving communities have a larger talent pool to choose from. When new businesses launch, especially tech start-ups, they want the best people working with them. So they look for areas where they know they will be able to hire top talent. Often, they find the workforce they need in cities that already have a thriving community that has attracted a strong base of talent.  

Thriving communities have groups that support entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavor. While it may seem exciting on the outside, it comes with a lot of hours and isolation. The thing that makes the hard work less stressful is having a community of support to lean on. For that reason, many entrepreneurs choose to set up in cities that have a variety of business and entrepreneur groups where they can make relationships and find support and advice.

Entrepreneurs Build Thriving Communities

When entrepreneurs begin moving into a community, the area excels. It has a compounding effect. The city gets stronger as the influx of new entrepreneurs accelerates its growth. This creates multiple benefits for the community and people living in it.

Entrepreneurs create economic and cultural diversity. When there are more businesses in a community, there are more options to choose from. It creates competition for products and services. And, it also offers more variety for customers who have more business offerings and places to visit.  

Entrepreneurs create more employment opportunities. As new businesses open in an area, it creates employment opportunities. More and more jobs need to be filled when a new business opens its door, so the local community benefits from having more places to work.  

Entrepreneurs attract even more top talent. When there are desirable jobs (and a variety of places to eat, visit, and live), more and more people move to a community. Young professionals and top talent are attracted to cities with options and opportunity, so a booming city draws them in.

MyArea Network Supports Thriving Communities and Entrepreneurs

Thriving communities and entrepreneurs feed off each other. The better the area, the more entrepreneurs it will attract. And, the more entrepreneurs a city has, the better the community becomes.

At MyArea Network, we’ve made it our mission to help people “live like a local” and support both of these economic and cultural drivers.  

MyArea Network helps communities support new entrepreneurs in their area. Our city networks are designed to help people find the best local things to do, see, and eat in their area. We help communities connect with new and locally-owned businesses in their area by highlighting local restaurants, events, and specials through our media outlets. 

MyArea Network helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Our service offerings are designed to help local businesses succeed. Through our media network and digital marketing services, we provide opportunities for businesses to promote themselves, build their brand, connect with local residents, and grow their business. 

The best communities have a thriving local economy and an engaged, active community, and a booming city gets exponentially better and better as it attracts more new businesses and entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs in turn help grow the city even more.

It's a supportive environment where everyone thrives.

MyArea Network is helping promote that holistic relationship around the country. We have communities in more than 75 cities around the United States designed to help stimulate regions in this way. We’d love for you to join our mission by finding your city and working together on our mission to create better cities by supporting your local community and the entrepreneurs who live in them.