How Organizations Can Support Local Businesses During COVID-19

By Scott Conlon |

  | May 21, 2020  /  Solutions |

COVID-19 has hit many businesses hard. But, the brunt of COVID closures hasn’t affected all businesses in the same way.  

Some businesses (many of them small, local, and hospitality-focused) are struggling, while others haven’t seen much change or have actually experienced a boost in business due to COVID-19.  

The organizations that haven’t been severely impacted (or have experienced a lift due to COVID-19) are now looking for ways to give back and support other struggling businesses in their community. 

MyArea Network has made it easy for those thriving organizations to support small hospitality businesses in their community.   

Through the MyArea Vouchers Program, organizations can now make one purchase that benefits a variety of local, nearby businesses. 

Supporting Local Business by Buying Voucher Packages

MyArea Vouchers are a form of coupons that customers buy at a discounted rate. For example, a customer can spend $100 and receive six $20 vouchers to use in the future. They spend $100 to get $120 in value. 

MyArea has bundled the vouchers to give thriving organizations a way to support many local businesses by making one single purchase.

Interested businesses can pay one sum to receive a variety of vouchers for local businesses.   

For example, an organization can purchase a package of vouchers that includes many small denomination certificates to be used at a variety of local businesses. In one transaction, the organization could spend $200 to get 25 $10 coupons ($250 value) to use at five to ten different businesses.

This bulk buying of Vouchers allows organizations to:

Help small businesses generate revenue now. Our partnering businesses get immediate revenue from voucher purchases so they can use deals to generate revenue right away. A small portion of the cost of the voucher goes to helping market more vouchers so businesses can sell even more to local customers. 

Help small businesses generate revenue in the future. By purchasing many smaller denomination coupons, you trigger demand that will send customers back to the business on multiple trips, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases and larger ticket costs.  

Find a unique way to give back to employees and customers. Vouchers are a great way to show appreciation to the people that helped your organization get through (or thrive) during this time. You can give a variety of smaller denomination coupons to your team or customers to show your gratitude all while encouraging them to support small local businesses.   

Support Your Local Community with MyArea Vouchers

We’re all in this together.  

If your business is one of the thriving businesses that hasn’t been severely impacted by COVID-19, consider supporting the businesses that have had a more difficult time.  

Show your support by purchasing a group package of local vouchers to receive coupons to top local restaurants, bars, and entertainment businesses.   

The results will lead to a stronger local community that ensures regional success for everyone.   

For more information about purchasing a local voucher package, please sign up to become a partner at our Local Relief page. Someone from our team will be in touch to share package and purchase options. 

MyArea Network is committed to helping local businesses get through these difficult times, and Vouchers are just one way we’re providing help.

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