How Local Businesses Can Take Advantage of Small Business Saturday

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Nov 13, 2020  /  Solutions |

The busiest shopping season of the year is coming up, and businesses need to get their marketing in order to attract and prepare for an influx in customers.

Small businesses, in particular, have a chance to stand out and grow their revenue on Small Business Saturday which is November 28, 2020.

If you want to take advantage of this shopping holiday, now is the time to plan.

9 Ways to Take Advantage of Small Business Saturday

#1) Develop special deals and branded events. Why should shoppers come to your business over others? Make a compelling offer that brings people into your store. And, don't forget to add your event to your local MyArea Network site.

#2) Get your name listed in small business directory profiles and join local business groups. There is power in numbers, and your name can get in front of others through their promotional methods. The Shop Small Map by American Express and our MyArea Local Sites are two great places to get started.

#3) Create a social media campaign promoting your Small Business Saturday events and offers. November is a busy time, and your audience might not see your message the first time. Post regularly so your fans know what’s going on.

#4) Look for opportunities to catch foot traffic or advertise to people as they drive by. Some areas have block parties for Small Business Saturday to bring customers around. Consider using geofencing advertising as a way to drive ads to nearby customers.

#5) Form partnerships to create events and in-store activities. For example, a smoothie shop might partner with a local gym to offer exercise ideas at the store. Don’t forget your event marketing strategies!

#6) Encourage customers to check-in, tag your brand, and like your social media posts throughout the day. Offer giveaways and raffle entries for those who do -- and those who visit your store. This adds a festive feel to Small Business Saturday.

#7) Let people know you’re open! Some customers might think you’re closed for the holidays. Make sure your hours are updated online and you post when you are open to encourage people to visit your store.

#8) Prepare for an influx of people. If all goes well, then you should have dozens of people in a packed store. Staff extra employees to make sure they can handle the rush.

#9) Ask for reviews! As more people visit your store, ask them to leave reviews on MyArea Network sites and other business profiles. This is a great way to build up your positive reviews quickly and reach local customers.

With a little planning, you can bring in dozens of more customers to your business during this holiday and set yourself up for strong December profits. Don’t let events like this pass you by!

Want even more tips for leveraging Small Business Saturday to attract more customers? Check out our guide: 12 Ways to Promote Your Business on Small Business Saturday.