How MyArea Network Exceeds Expectations in a Digital World

By Carlyn Bullock |

  | Jan 7, 2016  /  Solutions |

At MyArea Network, we use best-in-class strategies to engage with consumers through a targeted, multi-channel marketing process designed specifically for our clients.  

As consumers browse, discover, engage, and make decisions online and face-to-face, we capture valuable insight on how to implement data into a full-blown marketing strategy drafted towards the growth of a company. Utilizing customized touchpoints as building blocks we drive traffic, providing you the best possible reach. We personalize campaigns by location, demographics, consumer interest, and other factors using business data collected from numerous sources.

When asked what makes MyArea Network different from its competitors, President, Scott Conlon explains.

“We are a tech-based marketing company, unique because we also own and operate our own digital media outlet. We own and operate an audience network.”

“We strategically combine multi-channel marketing, including live event marketing campaigns with digital marketing solutions, to produce results that surpass any stand-alone digital campaign. We are going to help you make more money!”

So, how do we do it?

The MyArea Network Approach

We focus on supporting clients though extensive research, providing the best data-rich resources and ROI analytics.

MyArea Network incorporates data and analytics to find the best way to reach your consumer and move them to action. Using a clear set of fully defined consumer segments, we deliver appropriate content to the right audience at the right time. Using multi-touch campaigns, tailored toward your audience’s needs and interests, we help you make more money!

In a  recent article on Forbes, AJ Agrawal (CEO and Co-Founder of Alumnify Inc.) wrote:

"Trends in Digital Marketing in 2016 needs to entail more than a few posts on social media every week. It needs to be more than just small conversation, and article posts. Marketers must utilize newsletters, contests, social posts, and market on every channel available to maintain a presence and a following."

At MyArea Network, we do just that.

In-Depth Multi-Channel Marketing

We use 'every channel available' to keep your business top of mind with newsletters, contests, social posts, content and visual marketing, responsive design e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, live event marketing, and more with a focus on:

  • New business development
  • Quality of leads
  • Quantifying ROI
  • Budget Constraints
  • Current marketing technology and trends
  • Building deep customer relationships
  • Creating a personalized cross-channel experiences
  • Producing unique original content for your brand
  • Using existing data to drive more relevant messages and experiences
  • Analyze and provide click through rates, social media metrics and more
  • Understand and adapt to shifting consumer demographics

Relevance, context, effective delivery, and brand loyalty takes precedence at My Area Network with a multi-channel approach including, but not limited to:

Content Marketing: Content is still king with context factoring in to the mix more than before with storytelling playing a major role to drawing in and keep users engaged. In 2016, consumers not only want to know what it is you do, they want to know why you do it! Data also plays a part in the content creation process at MAN, we find timely and creative ways to engage to make your brand stand out.

Social Media Content: Social media is one of many platforms we recommend as a tactic to support campaigns   We handle social media for you or work in partnership with your internal brand ambassadors. Studies have shown that only 14% of people trust traditional advertising, while 78% of us trust our peers for recommendations. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, "Employees’ voices have more power than a CEO in the digital bazaar." From  Mark Burgess, President, Blue Focus Marketing & co-author of The Social Employee, "Leading brands are investing resources to create a workforce of engaged brand ambassadors. The result is a win/win. The company benefits from more authentic communication, and employees build personal brands.  At the core of this approach is trust, authenticity, and transparency—the cultural pillars essential for activating the workforce around social business best practices. The net result, branding from the inside out.”  When needed we work with clients to develop brand ambassadors from within the company supplying them with the information they need to succeed.

E-Mail and Targeted Text Marketing: Always an asset when applied with consideration, email marketing is another building block. We expect email marketing to evolve in 2016 with video. Targeted text, when used with consideration and restraint another building block solidifying campaigns, keeping you top of mind and your consumer appreciative to be 'kept in the loop'.

Live Event Photo Promotions: Proven to be an effective source of face-to-face brand exposure while also a tool to drive more effective digital marketing campaigns. Our unique photo promotions connect local consumers with your brand both online and offline giving a personal connection with these consumers.

Pulling It All Together

Growing market share in a consistently evolving digital realm is not easy.  Trends come and go, some stick, some fail. According to a report on MarketingProfs, 70% of marketers are currently unhappy or only marginally happy with their marketing automation software. No sooner do you invest and it goes out of date.  

As a strategic partner for local, we:

  • Complete an in-depth analysis of your business
  • Provide competitor analysis
  • Identify your target audience,
  • Gain an even better understanding of your customer's needs
  • Develop channels to reach those audiences
  • Re-target appropriately with a multi-channel approach
  • Work within your budget
  • Provide performance reporting

At MyArea Network we consistently exceed our client's expectations and are happy to provide testimonials, answer questions and provide additional information. Do you need professional marketing assistance to get your business on the right track? Contact us for a free consultation today. We look forward to partnering with you in the growth of your business.

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