8 Valuable Digital Marketing Lessons from Google's National Economic Report

By Raubi Perilli |

  | Jan 16, 2019  /  Solutions |

Sometimes the best way to figure out what will work in marketing is to look at what others are doing to find success. Google did just that with their Annual Economic Impact Report.

The report identified top businesses from each state across the country that are fueling growth, creating job opportunities, and transforming their communities.

Google looked at what was working for these companies and compiled it into eight digital marketing lessons they learned from the stories of success. The research gives us a good look at what's working in marketing for businesses across the country.

Use these insights to see what you can do to improve your marketing strategies.

1. If you help them, they will come. Don't just sell to customers. Help them. Lead them to your brand and guide them through your sales process using helpful educational content and resources. (Additional Reading: Why Every Business Needs to Start Acting Like a Media Company.)

2. Master O2O. Leverage O2O or online-to-offline marketing by finding and catering to customers both online and off. 

3. Decipher your marketing data. You have a ton of business data. Use it to identify both opportunities and ineffective marketing tactics. (Additional Reading: Need Help Making Sense of Your Business Data? We Can Help

4. Spend your money where it matters. Know what works uniquely for your brand and then put more money into those proven strategies.

5. Expand your definition of creativity. Remember that creativity isn't tied exclusively to writing or design. Use creativity to find other ways to make your brand unique outside of your marketing materials and ads.

6. Video is for everyone. Stop thinking that your business doesn't have anything to share on video or that it's too expensive. Even small video projects can create big impacts.

7. Legacy isn't limiting. If your business hasn't used digital in the past, that doesn't mean it won't work for you. Expand even if it feels uncomfortable.

8. Act globally, think locally. Get hyper-focused with your products or services, but remember that it can be used outside of local boundaries. (Additional Reading: Reasons Why We "Live Like a Local" and Think You Should Too).

For more on each marketing lesson, check out Google's full breakdown of the top lessons.

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