6 Important Questions When Hiring A Digital Marketing Provider

By Carlyn Bullock |

  | Apr 20, 2016  /  Solutions |

As CMOs are tasked with the success of a digital marketing plan, having the right digital partner is vital. As marketing dollars shift towards the digital realm, agency offers flood inboxes with varying degrees of expertise, capability and influence.  

With so many choices, how do you search for and find the perfect fit for your clients? 

Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Partner

As digital marketing goes mainstream and online and offline marketing merge, marketing spend is moving toward digital multi-device content consumption, and other emerging marketing technologies. What is the best method for capturing people's attention as they surf smartphones, tablets and computers consuming information pertinent to their daily lives?  

Selecting the right agency is critical, the decision requires a commitment of time and collaboration upfront forming a lasting partnership leading to streamlined, easily implemented brand campaigns. The end goal is to work with a company you can task with digital marketing campaigns in-line with your client's expectations and goals, to get there you need to ask important questions.

Understanding the importance of online and mobile technology as a strategic asset you should ask these six important questions when hiring a digital marketing provider:

  1. Does the company or agency have a well-established web presence, do they incorporate email communications and real-time text marketing with traditional telemarketing services, content marketing and social media?
  2. Are their branded communications mobile-friendly?
  3. Do they implement programs designed to target your ideal audience capturing useful data you can use for re-targeting?
  4. How do they capture data, do they offer event marketing, photo or iPad promotions, and online offers, (ask for specifics), does their opt-in meet guidelines?
  5. How do they re-target your audience, what platforms do they utilize and how often do they re-target?   
  6. Following a campaign do they provide concise useful mobile marketing analytics for ROI and who owns the collected data? Do you, you should!

CMO's must justify their investments, it is vital they partner with a digital marketing company able to demonstrate value, decrease risk and optimize a client's digital influence.  As industry experts, MyArea Network can answer YES to the questions above and provide even more as we connect you with locals looking for services and things to do.  

We can advise you in the digital marketing areas that matter most so you can plan, manage and execute a successful digital strategy within brand guidelines.To speak with a digital marketing advisor, contact us at today to learn about the latest technology and how you can use it to reach your marketing goals. Consultations are free.